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Meet Marnie!

Hiiii! I’m marnie, founder and CEO of rumbly.

Rumbly started as an idea in my third pregnancy, when I realized women's experience during this life-changing time deserved a new narrative.

The health and development of my baby was always my #1 priority, as it was for my doctors, friends, family and everyone else in my universe. And as it turned out, I was not the only one that felt this way. 83% of women reported not feeling sufficiently supported during pregnancy - a statistic I'm out to change with the launch of rumbly.

So I embarked on a journey focused on leading a change in how we approach the transition to motherhood. Helping women prioritize themselves throughout the whole journey (and particularly when no one else is), while further tapping into the excitement of it all.Stick around, because trust me, we're just getting started! 

The birth of a mother 

When a baby is born, so is a mother; however, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that. Our focus shifted, and we pay more attention to the growing baby than the woman whose life radically changes the moment she sees that positive sign on a pregnancy test. Matrescence is a significant transition that affects women both physically and emotionally. It impacts your relationships, friendships, social life, finances, and your career. It can be confusing, while equally incredible; gruelling, while equally rewarding - all at the same time. 83% of women reported not feeling sufficiently supported during pregnancy. Rumbly exists to change that stat.

A whole new way to experience pregnancy.

Simply put, while everyone else is laser focused on your baby, Rumbly is 100% focused on YOU.

We recognize you're going through a massive, life-altering transition. Pregnancy, and then motherhood, forever change how you view your self, your body, your career, your relationships, the world you live in, and the world you’re bringing life into. Talk about a life change!

So after years of testing and research, we created rumbly to not only make your pregnancy better, but different.

Every Rumbly box is thoughtfully curated to acknowledge, celebrate and elevate every milestone leading up to your due date. With gifts that fulfill the mental, emotional, and physical journeys to motherhood, we help women bring the spotlight back on them, all while tapping into the excitement of the journey.

Half the items in every Rumbly box are for the woman you are, while the other half are for the mom you’re becoming.