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Postpartum Essentials Gift Box

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The perfect pregnancy gift box for supporting new moms during their 4th trimester, and beginning right after delivery. This box makes an awesome baby shower or post-delivery gift! Whether it is for you, your pregnant friend, pregnant sister, co-worker or pregnant wife, this unique gift set is the ideal way to support new moms as they navigate this life-altering transition. This gift box is filled with the most thoughtfully selected, quality products for a smooth recovery, as well as some of our favorite luxury pampered surprises for new moms to experience and enjoy beyond just their fourth trimester.

    Why You'll Love It:

    We designed this box to be the perfect gift to support new moms after delivery. Curated with must-haves for every kind of birth and postpartum experience, this box is designed to help her recover, restore and feel good as she navigates this new era of motherhood! With out-of-whack hormones, physical changes and challenges and a new little person (that did not come with an owner's manual), this box will support her physical, mental and emotional transition to motherhood.

    Buy Our Postpartum Gift Box For The New Mom in Your Life

    The postpartum box is a special, unique pregnancy gift that helps new moms recover post birth. Featuring must-have 4th Trimester essentials, including exclusive items that you never knew how much you needed. Make the new mom in your life feel more celebrated, supported and appreciated by giving them our Rumbly postpartum gift box.

    We take pride in curating postpartum gift boxes that contain an expert collection of essentials new moms need and appreciate the most. From soothing self-care and wellness products that help her feel pampered and restored after birth, to heart-warming mementos and kitchenware that are sure to make her smile, every Rumbly postpartum box is guaranteed to be the most thoughtful gift that's completely focused on her, the new mom. Help bring a sense of calm and relaxation she deserves during those first few weeks of motherhood.

    What’s Inside Our Postpartum Box?

    • Postpartum Underwear from Mother Mother
    • Dry Shampoo + Body Powder from Cleo+Coco in Sweet Surrender
    • Gel Bead Eye Mask from The Vintage Cosmetic Company
    • Peri Bottle from Mother Mother
    • Cup of Sunshine Herbal Tea from Big Heart Tea Co.
    • Daily Wellbeing Journal from LSW London
    • Reusable Bent Metal Straw in Rose Gold

    *PLUS LIMITED TIME BONUS! Exclusive access to Joyful Postpartum Foundational Program + private 15-minute postpartum coaching call with CAPPA Certified New Parent Educator, Postpartum Coach and Certified Infant Sleep Consultant

    Over $200 value

    Includes FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada

    How It Supports:

    • Eases the strain of physically taking care of yourself after labor
    • Assists with the mental load of this big life change
    • Inspires moments of relaxation and reconnection



    postpartum gift box for new moms in fourth trimester

    Got Questions?

    Who is the rumbly Postpartum box best for?

    Regardless of delivery method or feeding adoption, this box features the most stellar range of postpartum must, must, must-haves, as well as other premium insider goodies you may not have thought about adding to your shopping list, but we know will have you saying “total postpartum game changer”. Whether you are interested in purchasing this as a gift to you or from you, this is THE box to help you get through the fourth trimester with a little more comfort, style and smile.

    Where do you ship to?

    We currently offer FREE shipping to anywhere across North America.

    For inquiries about other geographical locations, send us a message and we will see what we can do!

    When will my box ship? And how will I know when it will be delivered?

    We make every effort to process orders within 48h of order confirmation. Average delivery time takes around 2-5 business days depending on which city, state or province you’re located in.

    Once the carrier has your order you will be provided with a delivery tracking number, sent to you via email. At any time you can contact us with questions about your order or delivery.

    What’s inside the Rumbly Postpartum box?

    Every rumbly Postpartum box features a premium collection of fourth trimester must-haves, intended to support both the woman you are and the mom you have become.

    *Specific contents may change from time to time as our team is constantly working on ensuring you get the best and most innovative products, sourced from other leading female-founded brands around the world.