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Baby Shower Gift Set - Girl

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    What's Inside:

    • Unicorn and Lilac Reversible Milestone Cards
    • Pink Make A Wish Bracelet
    • Pink Floating Heart Glass Mug
    • Caffeine-free Caramel Tea-Pop
    • Pink Satin Scrunchies (comes in set of 3 stunning shades)
    • Non-slip pink 'Dancing Feet' baby socks (3-12 Months)

    Why You'll Love It:

    Good Wishes and Celebration

    The Pink Make A Wish Bracelet, adorned with a Tibetan Silver charm, serves as a heartfelt reminder of hopes and dreams awaiting fulfilment. Accompanying this symbolic gesture is Unicorn and Lilac Reversible Milestone Cards, intended to capture and celebrate each precious new month of your pregnancy journey, and of baby's first year. Together, they offer a blend of hope, joy, and cherished memories, making every milestone a bigger celebration of life’s journey.

    Serenity and Style

    Savor moments of relaxation with our Pink Floating Heart Glass Mug, a chic addition to your daily routine that brings a touch of love to every sip. Complement your tranquil tea time with premium caffeine-free Caramel Tea-Pop, an innovative tea- experience that dissolves fully in hot or cold water, offering a gourmet infusion of natural herbal tea. This combination elevates your relaxation rituals, blending style with a serene beverage experience.

    Pamper with Luxury and Self-Care

    Preserve the health and beauty of your hair with our Pink Satin Scrunchies, presented in a set of three charming shades: hot pink, dusty pink, and blush. Designed to reduce breakage and minimize tension, these scrunchies are a gentle alternative to traditional hair ties, ensuring your hair remains healthy and styled, even through the stresses of pregnancy and beyond. Their luxurious satin texture offers both comfort and elegance, making them an essential for every expectant and new mother.



    Baby Shower Gift Set - Girl

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