Pregnancy Date Night Ideas to Help Reconnect With Your Partner

10 Fun Pregnancy Date Night Ideas to Help Reconnect With Your Partner

Romance can sometimes take a backseat when you're pregnant. You may be feeling like your options are limited, and you’re constantly nauseous or tired. Or perhaps, you and your partner are just so overwhelmed that being romantic becomes just another thing on your “to-do” list. No matter the reason, you may be missing that connection you once had with your partner and are wondering how to get it back.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Date Nights

Take advantage of the time you have left alone

It is important for pregnant couples to make time for each other before the baby arrives and to take advantage of the time they have left alone. This can be something as simple as a movie night at night home or a luxury pamper evening. Our Rumbly Reset Maternity Box has the perfect goodies for pampering new moms-to-be.

Strengthens Your Relationship

Spending quality time together during pregnancy is essential for nurturing and strengthening your relationship, preparing your life changes forever. Just because a bottle of bubbly is off the cards, it doesn’t mean pregnancy has to be boring. There are lots of fun activities that pregnant couples can enjoy before they become parents.

So, how do you rekindle that spark with your partner while you're pregnant? See below for the top 10 (totally doable) date ideas to help you create an unforgettable time with your partner, while you're pregnant.

1. A Romantic Picnic

A romantic picnic has everything - food, scenery and a chance to really connect with your partner. You can make it as casual or as formal as you want, and the good news is that you really don't need much to make it happen - just a blanket and some food can do the trick. But if the food part stresses you out, opt for picking up some of your favorite snacks instead, or consider making something in advance together.

Another tip? Plan a lunch picnic, so you don't have to worry about being too tired later in the day. Plus, you can take a nap after your date and enjoy some well-deserved rest 😉.

2. Movie Night at Home

Turning your home into a movie theater is actually pretty easy to do. Plus, it makes for the perfect date night when you’re pregnant. Choose a movie that you both will love, make some snacks, pop some popcorn and get cozy! You can keep it simple or add a few extra touches to make it feel extra special, like blankets, pillows and candles. You could also choose a romantic movie if you want to really amp up a lovey-dovey vibe 😅.

3. Board Games

Unleash your competitive side and play some board games together! This can be a great way to add some friendly competition to your date night. Choose from classics like Monopoly or Scrabble, or opt for some more trending games like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme?

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4. A Spa Day

Pregnancy can be a lot! So what better way to encourage some relaxing time together than with a day at the spa? You can book a couple's massage, a prenatal massage (for you), or perhaps two facials. Whatever type of service you both like, a spa day is a great way to unwind and spend some relaxing time together.

But what if you don’t feel like leaving the house? Bring the spa home! Set up your own spa treatments, draw a bubble bath, light some candles and enjoy together. (And a friendly tip: our Month 7 Subscription box has everything you need to bring the spa home to you 🥰!)

5. Learn something new

Learning together can be a fun and unique way to spend some quality time with your partner, and there is quite a range of classes for you to explore, whether online or in person. Take, for instance, your culinary skills to the next level and register for a cooking class. Or perhaps explore more of your creative side in a painting class. Or how about getting your body moving in a couple’s dance class? The point is that whatever it is you may be into, learning something new with your partner is a great opportunity to spend more quality time together while bonding over that learning experience.

6. Take a Walk

Sometimes, the simplest things can make all the difference in your relationship. A walk outside together can give you a nice opportunity to talk and focus on being in the present. It's also a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Be Playful

Being pregnant doesn't mean that you have to be serious all the time. Have some fun together by playing video games or having a water balloon fight in your backyard. Being playful and silly can definitely help you connect with each other and lighten the mood.

Alternatively, hit up your closest bowling alley or mini-putt course and just have some fun.

8. Recreate your first date

You're probably spending a lot of time looking ahead, but take a second to look back...all the way to the beginning. It can be so sweet and sentimental to recreate your first date. Go back to the restaurant you went to on your first date, or pick an activity you did together when you first started dating. Swap mocktails for cocktails and reminisce about your first days together. Enjoy the nostalgia and make some new memories, too!

9. Go to that restaurant you always wanted to try

Let's be real for a second: after the baby comes, it may be a little while before you go out to a restaurant again. So take the opportunity now and go!… only don't just go to any place. Why not dress up to the nines and go to that fancy restaurant that you've always wanted to try?

10. Be spontaneous

Parenting and spontaneity do not typically go together, so why not take advantage of your freedom now and be additionally spontaneous? Don't plan ahead - just decide one day to have a date night, and do the first thing that pops into your mind.

No matter what you choose, the point is to make sure you continue to enjoy each other's company and savor every one of your date nights - whether you're pregnant or not. After all, it's the quality time that counts! Happy dating 🤗

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