Best Trending Baby Shower Cake Ideas

9 Trending Baby Shower Cake Ideas for 2024

Throwing a baby shower can be among the most exciting and joyous occasions to plan for. From choosing a theme to organizing the decorations, every detail plays a big role. But there's one element that truly steals the show - the cake! A baby shower cake not only adds sweetness to the celebration (pun intended) but also serves as a main centrepiece of the party. The hardest part… deciding what the cake should look like!! (okay maybe not actually, but it’s a big part of it haha). 

Here's a list of the top nine trending baby shower cake ideas in 2024 for you to get excited about, (which we promise will keep you looking like the best host ever!). 

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Twinkle, twinkle little star-host. Moons, starts and clouds are really big in baby interior design rn – and you can’t get a much cuter gender-neutral theme than that. Check out one of our favorites here!  
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Cake

2. Baby Safari Cake

Keep the adventure of pregnancy going with a "Baby Safari" themed cake! 
Safari Baby Shower Cake

3. Enchanted Garden Cake

Okay, okay. This one is soooo sweet… the enchanted garden cake!!! This cake is so pretty and delicate looking - perfect for our girly moms or for baby-girls-to-be! - and it just sets the perfect stage for a celebration of new life and new beginnings.
Enchanted Garden Baby Shower Cake

4. Woodland Wonderland Cake

Think whimsical foxes, adorable rabbits, and endearing deer. It’s soooo forest-chic (which is totally hot rn), and perfect for a gender-neutral party or anything hosted in the country or at a cabin. Check it out here!
Forest Woodland Wonderland Baby Shower Cake

5. Sweet as Honey Bee Cake

"Bee" ready to shower the mom-to-be with lots of love and sweetness. This adorable bee-themed cake is sooooo cute and would be perfect for a spring/summer baby shower (even better in a cute little garden!!). 
Sweet as Honey Baby Shower Cake

6. Rainbow Baby Cake

Celebrate the arrival of a "rainbow baby" with a cheerful and vibrant rainbow-themed cake. A "rainbow baby" is a term used for a baby born after a pregnancy loss, signifying hope and happiness after a storm. The colorful layers of this cake represent the beauty and joy that follow difficult times, making it a meaningful and touching choice for a baby shower. As guests come together to celebrate the miracle of new life, this cake serves as a poignant reminder that even after the darkest days, a rainbow of happiness shines through, illuminating the path to parenthood.
Rainbow Baby Shower Cake

7. Baby Shower Blocks Cake

Minimalist girlies… this one is for you… (and we couldn’t love it more!). 
Baby Shower Blocks Cake

8. Sweet Dreams Cloud Cake

This was my sister-in-laws baby shower cake theme and it turned out SO. CUTE. Clouds are in this year! 
Sweet Dreams Cloud Baby Shower Cake

9. Whimsical Hot Air Balloon Cake

Saving the best for last? Okay this one might be our fav… who doesn’t love a hot air balloon ride (or at least dreaming about it!). 
Whimsical Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Cake

 "A party without cake is just a meeting." - Julia Child

Happy baby shower Rumbly moms! 

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