Top Weird Must Try Pregnancy Cravings

5 Weird Must-Try Pregnancy Cravings That People Who Aren’t Even Pregnant Are Eating!

If there is any mantra we’re living for it’s this one: food is fuel for the body, and cravings are fuel for the soul. ✨

Indulging in those weird AF pregnancy cravings can be one of many ways to romanticize your pregnancy experience and have some fun with it!

Pregnancy cravings typically start in the first trimester - around week 6 - but it’s very possible to get cravings as early as week 1!

There are lots of opinions out there on why pregnancy cravings exist... Some say it’s your body telling you that you’re deficient in some type of nutrient (like craving ice cream because you need more calcium). Others say it’s because when you’re pregnant you have heightened senses of smell and taste, so naturally it brings cravings as well as aversions.

Either way, we are totally here for them! One day you’ll find yourself disgusted with a food you’ve always loved, and the next day you’ll find yourself craving some crazy food combo that you've never even thought of before!

So without further adieu, if you want to discover your new favorite snack, check out these Top 5 Pregnancy Cravings that have gone viral over the years:

1. Pickles + Honey: A Sweet and Tangy Symphony

Calling all sweet + salty combo lovers... this one’s for you!

People (pregnant or not) are going crazy for the satisfying, salty, tangy, crunch of a pickle mixed with the golden soft sweetness of honey.

A jar of pickles is a staple in most people’s fridges, (as is honey!) so this is a super quick & easy snack that you can find anywhere.

Pickles and honey weird pregnancy craving

BONUS: it’s actually got some nutritional value too!

Pickles, known for their briny goodness, provide a dose of electrolytes and help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms like nausea and fatigue.

Honey adds a touch of natural sweetness while offering a quick energy boost, thanks to its natural sugars.

2. Garlic + Ice Cream: A Uniquely Savory Indulgence

Pregnancy cravings are notorious for their unpredictability...and this one is definitely unpredictable.

Hear me out! The pungent, savoury allure of garlic, mingling with the sweet, creamy goodness of ice cream.

I mean, mayo and garlic go well together, and ice cream is kinda like mayo...right?

garlic and ice cream weird pregnancy craving

It may sound like an unlikely duo, but for some moms-to-be this unique pairing of foods quickly becomes her unexpected new favorite snack.

Nutritionally, garlic is known for boosting the immune system as it is rich in antioxidants. Ice cream on the other hand provides a quick energy fix and source of calcium (plus it’s delicious... obviously).

3. Snickers Chocolate + Mayo: Sweet & Savory Extravaganza

Perhaps one of the most eyebrow-raising combinations is the union of Snickers and mayo.

The sweet, nutty goodness of a Snickers bar meets the creamy richness of mayonnaise.

snickers chocolate bar and mayonnaise weird pregnancy craving

A large contributing factor to cravings other than the taste itself is the satisfaction of eating (If you’ve ever seen a video of someone biting into a crunchy Nashville chicken sandwich, you understand what we’re talking about here). The Snickers bar itself is both crunchy and creamy with nuts, caramel and nougat so the mayo is just like adding extra nougat! Who doesn’t love extra nougat?

While this one might seem like a culinary quirk, some people may argue that it could be the body’s way of signaling a need for a diverse range of nutrients!

4. Dried Mango + Mustard: The Tangy Tango

Dried mangoes burst with natural sweetness and meet the zesty intensity of mustard.

And best of all? The number of combinations you can make with these two foods are nearly UNLIMITED! Depending on your exact craving, here are some combos people have tried before:

  • Plain dried mango + honey mustard

  • Dried mango with tajin + hot mustard

  • Spicy dried mango + regular mustard

mango and mustard weird pregnancy craving

Dried mangoes offer a quick energy boost, as well as essential vitamins, while mustard provides a low-calorie source of flavor.

SIDE NOTE: You haven’t LIVED until you’ve tried fresh mango sprinkled in tajin spice.

5. Fries + Ice Cream: A Crispy-Creamy Fusion

This one is arguably the most “normal” craving of them all.

fries and ice cream weird pregnancy craving

The marriage of fries and ice cream is a testament to the delightful contrasts that pregnancy cravings can bring -- the salty, crispiness of fries meets the cold, creamy indulgence of ice cream.

Fries offer a satisfying crunch and a dose of carbs, while ice cream provides a comforting sweetness and a cooling sensation.

The best time to give this one a try is the next time you find yourself in a McDonald’s drive- thru. (Seriously, McDonald’s fries dipped in a Mcflurry of any kind is magical, whether you’re pregnant or not).

Pregnancy is kindaaa the perfect excuse to eat whatever you want and not feel bad about it (not that you should ever feel bad about it) but hey, go crazy with it!! Pickles and honey, fries and ice cream, you name it -- and it's yours.

Your body is performing the most extravagant magical act of all time, so you deserve a satisfying treat!

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