Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

So your partner, best friend, sister, daughter, etc. (basically any important person in your life) just told you the big news: she's going to be a mom! eeeek!!! Now you're both bursting with excitement!!!

And you know you want to get her something extra thoughtful to mark this special occasion, but...what?  What can you possibly get her that captures all of what you’re feeling - and which you know will standout from any other gift she receives? 

You're in luck!  We're going to talk about the things to think about when looking for the best gift for pregnancy.

Best Gift for Pregnancy - Think about HER

Okay, we know babies are cute and all, and fun to buy for. But listen, she's going to be up to her ears with diapers and cute little onesies and knit booties and the rest of it. 

So let’s look beyond the bump and find something that recognizes the amazing woman that is already here! Something that celebrates her for the superhero that she is! The woman that she is today and the mother that she is becoming.

(Btw, we know that you’re awesome and are going to be supportive, a listening ear, and all of that. But sometimes it is nice to have something gift-wrapped too 😊) 

How she's trimester!

First things first, how far along is she? Depending on where she's at in her pregnancy will give you some of the best tips about what kind of gift to get her.

First Trimester

If she's in that first trimester, she might be feeling exhausted, nauseous, or both! She's adjusting to all the changes physically, emotionally, and mentally. So a great gift for her, in this case, might be something that helps with relaxation or nausea relief.

(We suggest: OH MY GUM! Between nausea and changing taste buds, this gum is perfect for the woman who wants to taste something great but it's also vegan and eco-friendly! The wins keep coming! This is included in some of our boxes and is one of our favourites.)

Second Trimester

In that second trimester, she's probably starting to feel better! The nausea has (hopefully) passed and she's got more energy. She might be starting to show, too! So, in this case, a fun gift for her is what she needs. If she's anything like us, she's probably starting to get excited about all things baby, but also needs a break from stretch marks and baby names.

(We suggest: 50 Amusing Dilemmas. After your next meal, take a break from baby talk and consider absurd, thought-provoking and funny scenarios! When we discovered these, we just knew that it had to be included in some of our boxes!)  

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, she's getting ready...but not quite there yet! She might be feeling a lot of pressure, both physically and emotionally. This is the home stretch! So let's focus on gifts that help her relax and feel pampered.

(We suggest: Buck Naked's Mani/Pedi Bombs. These are the perfect way to naturally treat your tender fingers and toes, prepping them for the perfect mani or pedi! Each set of 3 bombs is made to maximize moisture and softness with its all-natural and vegan formula. We had a blast testing them before adding them to some of our subscription boxes.)

Best Gifts for The Whole Pregnancy

Real love means being there...through the good times and bad, the laughter and tears, and everything in between.

During this special time in her life, you want to get her a gift that makes HER feel special. You want a gift that is just as amazing as she is, as a mom-to-be, woman, friend, daughter, partner and leader. 

How can you find that kind of gift? The kind that tells her, without saying a word, that you are here for her throughout this whole journey. The kind of gift that she talks about years later and secretly puts on her wish list if she gets pregnant again. The kind of gift that she gets for her pregnant friends later and says “I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy without it.” 

Enter Rumbly...the subscription gift box for the woman who should be recognized from positive test through to baby! Our boxes come packed with the most thoughtful and useful goodies that she didn’t realize she needed - each month and each trimester, including the first few weeks after giving birth. 

Every box from Rumbly is curated with love and extreme scrutiny by our team of experts. We scoured the earth, seeking out damn-near-impossible to find products that take pregnancy from being a process to a journey. We looked at the environmental impact of these products, supported women-led businesses and made sure everything was of the highest quality. 

We promise you - she will love everything inside. 

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