New Mom Mara Martin breastfeeding baby on runway

Fashion Show-Stopper: Breastfeeding on the Runway!

Oh, you’re going to love this one. 

In honor of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, I thought we should run it back to 2018 when a new mom walked the runway while breastfeeding. This happened back in 2018, but the hype seems to be re-surfacing and I want to know your thoughts!

While walking in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swim Search fashion show, Mara Martin breastfed her daughter Aria, who was 5 months old at the time. Mara strutted the runway with elegant confidence and said she was proud to represent working moms.

Mara Martin breastfeeding on runway

Once this iconic runway walk hit the internet, Mara commented on how she couldn’t believe she was waking up to headlines with her and her daughter in them, for doing something that they do every day! 

As a mom I know it made me feel seen, celebrated, and supported. Seeing a new mom not only just walking the runway in a bikini, but also breastfeeding her daughter!? That’s a huge shoutout to all the hard working moms out there and I’m totally here for it. 

Let’s talk about why I’m here for it. 

Motherhood Empowerment

Breastfeeding in public has often been met with mixed reactions, with many women facing criticism and stigma. By breastfeeding on such a high-profile stage, Martin brought attention to the importance of normalizing this natural act. She demonstrated that motherhood and professional aspirations do not have to be mutually exclusive, and that women should not have to hide or feel ashamed for breastfeeding whenever they need to.

The impact of Mara’s runway walk extended beyond the fashion industry. It sparked conversations about the representation of mothers and the visibility of breastfeeding in public spaces. Many women and advocacy groups praised Mara for her courage and for using her platform to bring attention to a critical issue.

Moreover, this moment highlighted the evolving nature of the fashion industry, which is increasingly embracing diversity and inclusion. By showcasing a model who is also a breastfeeding mother, Sports Illustrated sent a strong message about the importance of representing different aspects of womanhood. We love to see it! 

What do you think?



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