marnie madras, Founder and CEO of Rumbly

Modernizing Your Pregnancy Experience. Meet Marnie.

Oh hiiii! It's marnie, the original Rumbly Mom. I wanted to shift gears a bit this week to share with you the incredible journey (so far) behind Rumbly and why it means so much to me. So if you've ever wondered how I got here or how Rumbly came to be, keep reading because I've got a great story to tell!

You see, during each my past pregnancies (just had baby #4!), I couldn't help but notice that something was missing in the pregnancy experience. It felt like women were being overlooked, their needs and well-being overshadowed by the focus on the baby. Sure, people would ask how the pregnancy was going, but it always seemed like they were more interested in the baby's well-being than mine. Even during doctor appointments, the primary concern was the health and development of the little one growing inside me. I began to feel like a mere vessel, and it dampened the excitement I had for this beautiful phase of life.

As I started opening up to other women, I discovered that I wasn't alone in feeling this way. We shared stories of feeling invisible behind our baby bumps, of being seen only as carriers of life rather than individuals with unique experiences and emotions. It became evident that this lack of focus on the mother's well-being was contributing to the rising concerns about mental health among new moms.

I couldn't bear the thought of other women going through the same experience, feeling unseen and undervalued during such a transformative time in her life. Drawing on my previous entrepreneurial work in hospitality, food and drink, and product development, I knew I had the skills to make a difference; and that's when the idea for Rumbly was born—a mission to provide women with a different pregnancy experience, one where they could prioritize themselves while celebrating more on the journey to motherhood.

At Rumbly we believe that pregnancy is not meant to be navigated alone; and we understand that every pregnancy is unique, and so are the needs of every mom-to-be. Each one of our subscription and themed gift boxes are thoughtfully curated with love, bringing you a delightful mix of self-care essentials, pampering treats, fun and games, and practical items tailored to your changing needs on your journey to motherhood. Whether you're craving a moment of relaxation, seeking comfort in discovering some of the best maternity gear and wear, or desiring products that help make you feel more like you again, Rumbly has got you fully covered.

And we’re not stopping there. At the heart of wanting to celebrate every aspect of both the woman you are and the mom you're becoming, is a vibrant and inclusive community of other #RumblyMoms. A place where you can connect with other like-minded women who understand the joys and challenges of pregnancy. A place where we encourage open conversations, offer support, and share experiences to uplift and empower each other throughout this incredible journey. Together, we're rewriting the narrative surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, making it a celebration of individuality, strength, and self-care.

So is Rumbly just another subscription box? Heck no!! Rumbly is a mindset shift and an attitude. Rumbly is here to recognize the amazing changes happening to mom-to-be - physically, mentally and emotionally - and provide her with more support at each stage of her journey, unlike anyone has done before.

Rumbly represents so many parts of who I am, and I couldn't be prouder of the legacy we're creating. Women are remarkable, pregnancy is magical, and being a mother and starting

Rumbly have brought me immense joy. But trust me when I say, we're just getting started. There's so much more we want to do, and so many more women we want to support and empower in both pregnancy and early motherhood.

When I'm not pouring my heart into Rumbly, you'll find me fuelling my soul with world travel, live music, online shopping, and bonding moments with my family.

So, if you're ready to join our community of #RumblyMoms and experience pregnancy in a whole new way, I invite you to subscribe for your own Rumbly box! Trust me, it's a game- changer. And don't forget to connect with us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. We love sharing the journey with you!

Let's make this journey unforgettable together!


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