Best Gift to Get Your Pregnant Daughter

What to Get Your Pregnant Daughter Having Her First Baby!

So, it’s time for your little one to have her own little one…HOW EXCITING!

As you know, welcoming new life into the world is such an exciting experience, especially for first-time parents. You must be absolutely filled with joy and anticipation right now! As your daughter navigates through this transformative experience, you may be thinking of ways to support and celebrate her during this special time. 

One meaningful way to show your love and support is by selecting thoughtful gifts that can help her prepare for the arrival of her little one. And you’re in luck, because that’s what Rumbly is all about! It's a strong part of why we exist! I’ve put together a few thoughtful ideas for gifts to give your pregnant daughter who is having her first baby. Take a look!

  1. Baby Essentials

Blankets, bottles, soothers, diapers…these and many more are staple items she will need for her newborn. Whether you want to get just one of those staples or you want to put together a jam-packed basket of baby essentials for her, this is a wonderfully helpful gift idea for the parents-to-be. Baby socks, wipes, onesies, burp cloths, there’s just so much we could go on about! Gifting some of these practical items will take some stress off of your daughter and will certainly be appreciated as she prepares for the arrival of her baby.

  1. Pregnancy Journal

Encourage your daughter to document her pregnancy journey with a pregnancy journal. This thoughtful gift will allow her to capture special moments, thoughts, and feelings as she embarks on this incredible experience and transition to motherhood. From ultrasound photos to heartfelt letters to her unborn child, a pregnancy journal can become a meaningful keepsake that she will cherish for years to come.

  1. Rumbly Gift Boxes

Rumbly Pregnancy Essentials Gift Box

Your daughter is now going through the transition from sole womanhood, to both womanhood and motherhood. This transition is both beautiful and overwhelming, particulalry as many women experience feelings of loss of identity when they become mothers. 

It’s important to make sure your daughter still feels seen for who she is as a woman, with motherhood now being a part of her identity, but not her entire identity. Rumbly gift boxes were created to celebrate pregnant women for who they are now, and the mom they are becoming. You can gift her just one box, like our Pregnancy Essentials Gift Box or the Just Found Out Pregnancy Gift Box, or you could gift her our best-selling Hospital Bag Essentials Gift Box! 

Or, if you really want to treat your daughter to the best of the best, you could sign her up for a Rumbly Subscription in which she will receive a new pregnancy gift box for every month of her pregnancy! These monthly gift boxes are full of top-rated, high quality items that celebrate and support pregnant women through their unique needs of each new month and each new trimester. Every month when she sees a purple gift box on her doorstep, she will be reminded of your love and support. 

  1. Comfortable Maternity Wear

As her baby bump grows, slowly but surely your daughter will start to notice she isn’t fitting into her regular clothes anymore. Treat her to some stylish and comfortable maternity clothing to help her feel confident and supported throughout her pregnancy! Look for pieces like stretchy leggings, flowy tops, supportive maternity bras and underwear that will accommodate her growing bump. Choose soft, breathable fabrics that will provide maximum comfort as she navigates through each trimester.

  1. Pregnancy Pillow

For a lot of pregnant women, pregnancy pillows are heaven-sent! They are thoughtfully designed to provide ultimate support and comfort during pregnancy to help women get a better night’s sleep. These specially shaped pillows are also known to alleviate back pain, hip pain, and other discomforts often associated with pregnancy by providing proper alignment and support for the body. A pregnancy pillow can make a world of difference for a mom-to-be who is struggling to get comfortable (and rest) as her belly grows.

  1. Nursing Essentials Kit

If your daughter plans to breastfeed, consider putting together a nursing essentials kit for her, filled with items that can support her breastfeeding journey. These items can include nursing pads, lanolin cream, nursing bras, a breast pump, and breastfeeding-friendly snacks. This thoughtful gift will help her feel better prepared and supported. (And she will be sure to thank you again later for it!).

As your daughter prepares to welcome her first baby into the world, shower her with love, support, and thoughtful gifts that recognize and celebrate this momentous occasion for her. Whether it's practical baby essentials, comforting maternity wear, or luxury self-care items, each gift will reflect your heartfelt wishes for her and her growing family. And by selecting gifts that cater to her personal needs and preferences, you'll not only help her feel more prepared and supported, but also, create cherished memories that she'll treasure for a lifetime ahead.

Here for you - and her - anytime,