10 Reasons Why Winter Pregnancies Are the Best

10 Reasons Why Winter Pregnancies Are the Best: From Health Benefits to Cozy Comforts

Consider this our love letter to winter pregnancies. Yes, it's cold out. Yes, it's hard to find a winter coat or jacket that fits over your growing bump. Yes, winter pregnancies come with navigating the holidays.

Yes, there are some extra challenging parts that come with being pregnant in the winter.

However, there are also some truly magical parts of a winter pregnancy. We want to share some of the joys and beauty of carrying your baby through the coldest months of the year.

Get cozy

Your body may already be telling you to slow down, take it easy and stay home. During the winter, you definitely got Mother Nature on your side! You may enjoy spending more cozy nights inside at home, cuddling up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and a good book or movie.

It's not just animals that get to hibernate! It's perfect for pregnant moms too!

Get rest

Especially during your first trimester, you might be feeling especially tired and need some extra sleep. Instead of feeling like you need to reach for an eye mask, take advantage of the fact that it gets dark at around 5:00 p.m. on most days, and allow yourself to get into bed early. (No black-out curtains required - check!)

Share the excitement

However you celebrate, many of us spend time with our family over the holidays. This means that you have a great opportunity to share your news with those closest to you - and in person! You can make a big announcement or share it in subtle ways. Either way, it's another reason to celebrate during an already joyous season and time of year!

Warm up

When you're cold, it doesn't hurt to have an extra 30 pounds or so on you. You might even be able to save a couple of dollars on your heating bill 😅!

A beachy babymoon

It might be winter, but you can still get away and enjoy a babymoon. And since it's so cold out, there’s no better time to head somewhere warm and tropical for your (exotic) pre-baby getaway!

Winter pregnancy = foot-friendly pregnancy

If you find that your feet start to swell as your pregnancy progresses, you might also find yourself grateful that you're putting them into cozy slippers or roomy boots and not having to squish them into tighter fitting sneakers or strappy sandals.

You can hide a lot in a bulky sweater

If you aren't ready to share your special news yet, a chunky winter sweater makes it so much easier to cover up your growing bump. Or, if you’re just looking to hold off on buying any new maternity clothes, long baggy sweaters plus layers are an amazing way to hide the fact that your pants aren't actually buttoned up 😆.

A ready-made excuse to get out of anything!

"Oh it's pretty icy out and I want to be extra careful… you know, because I’m pregnant." "I’m nervous about slipping on the ice. You'd better bring in the groceries… you know, because I’m pregnant." "I do really want to go to your office holiday party and get trapped in a conversation with Hank from Accounting, but well it is cold and flu season, so perhaps it’s best that I stay home… you know, because I’m pregnant."

I mean, you're not completely just avoiding stuff you don't want to do. It's winter's fault, and you're just a good and cautious mom-to-be 😉.

Skip shaving your legs

Okay, if you've been pregnant before, then you know the juggling act involved in trying to shave your legs when you can't even see them anymore. But during the winter, let it go! No one will be seeing them in shorts anyhow, so call it a win. Plus, the extra insulation is welcome on those cold days!

Your rumbly pregnancy

The beauty of winter pregnancies can't be denied. You may not have expected to find joy in being pregnant during the winter, but there are actually a lot more pros than cons once you start to list them all out!

One note of caution.. We're not advocating that you sit around all winter long and do absolutely nothing (that will get really tedious, really fast). 

Instead, be sure to find moments that still bring joy to your every day. We suggest building a nice and easy self care routine that focuses completely on pampering YOU. 

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