Pregnancy Myths and The Adventures of You!

Pregnancy Myths and The Adventures of You!

First, let's note, that we at rumbly are a collection of experienced and certified moms who have been there, but definitely not doctors. So absolutely, 100% talk to your doctor or midwife about any of your prenatal concerns.

There's so much that feels like it's "not allowed" when you're pregnant, but as a great leader once said...YES WE CAN! (*we may just need to make some adjustments*)

So let's bust some pregnancy myths and see how we can keep your life as normal as possible while you're going through this big change.

Myth: I guess I can't hit the gym anymore...

Fact:  Exercise is actually really, really good for you when you're pregnant. It's good for your body, your mental health, and your growing baby.

If you're a regular at the gym, talk to your doctor and they may say you can keep going, or perhaps adjust some things to suit your needs. For example, you may need to tweak your workout to avoid strenuous activities, heavy ab exercises and hot environments like hot yoga.

If lounging on the couch is your typical go-to, this is NOT the time to go hard at the gym. However, you can definitely start a mild exercise routine. Walking is a good place to start and can be done as long as your body isn't uncomfortable after you do it. And if you do incorporate waling into a daily routine, have you tried our our pregnancy ankle weights yet? They are the best solution for adding a little extra to that walk without breaking down your muscles. Pilates, prenatal yoga, and low-impact exercises like an elliptical machine or swimming are also great.

Myth: You can't get busy while pregnant

Fact: Pregnancy does not have to be 9 months of chastity. Again, assuming your doc okays it, you can definitely turn on that Marvin Gaye and get it on.

Myth: You can't do anything that's not directly related to your baby and being a mom. The other parts of your life are on pause.


Being pregnant DOES NOT mean the rest of your identity disappears. You are not just a baby vessel! Want to take a course to advance your career? Learn a new language? Pick up a new hobby? Be social? Hit up your friend's birthday party and have some fun? GO FOR IT!

Of course, you don't want to over-extend yourself - late-night get togethers or work events might not happen like they did before - for now! - but the rest of your life can keep happening, even as you are pregnant.

Myth: You can't be're bringing a new life into the world!

Fact: You can feel however the *bleep* you feel.

You do not need to be gazing down at your belly 24/7 with maternal adoration. Sometimes it sucks and you can feel that. Sometimes it's not fair that all you want is a giant glass of wine and it's not happening. Sometimes it is weird to be in a body that you don't recognize anymore.

Pregnancy is a big change and you're allowed to have a wide variety of feelings about it. There's no such thing as a generic pregnancy experience. Believing that one exists tricks us into thinking that we have to aspire to it or otherwise fall short. This is YOUR one else's.

Let us know in the comments - what's a big pregnancy myth that you definitely believed? And if you want to hear about more myths we are busting apart, make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

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