Self-Care During Pregnancy

Sleeping and Self-Care During Pregnancy

Why? Well for one thing, you might be feeling like you aren't doing as much as you used to do since you found out you were pregnant, including those things that you used to love doing or which made you feel like “you”. 

However, I'm here to tell you that even when you're just sitting around, binging on Selling Sunset and Lay’s Classic chips, you are actually doing A LOT. Your body is working overtime creating an entire person.

So to that I say...treat yo self!

And while there can be so many forms of self-care, let's talk in this article specifically about sleep.

Get sleep before the baby comes...

I'm sure you've heard the popular saying from just about anyone who’s “been there” before: “sleep now, because you won't when the baby comes".

Ugh we hated that! It is SO frustrating because: a) sleep is not something you can save up for on a rainy day; and b) as much as we may be tired all the time, you know, from growing a human, getting enough sleep is hard!

Pregnancy affects so many areas of your life, including how you sleep. So in this bedtime story, we'll talk about… bedtime! Why pregnancy is affecting your sleep, and what you can do about it.

Getting enough sleep while you are pregnant is not just important because you need to function throughout the day (although you do), but more and more studies are connecting a lack of sleep to conditions such as preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes.

A quick note: we aren't doctors - just a group of women who loooooooove a good nap. For all medical advice on your pregnancy, talk to your obgyn or midwife.

I'm so tired...

The first trimester is known for two things...nausea and fatigue. Most pregnant women feel especially tired during this time. It makes sense, that's when your little one grows the most.

Your body is working hard, and it needs rest to do its job well. Plus you're probably limiting your caffeine (as opposed to when one cup easily turned into 4 or 5), so you might be feeling that too.

As your baby grows, you may find it harder to sleep. For example, you might have to wake up more often to go to the bathroom. Or you might not be able to sleep on your stomach anymore, which was your favourite position pre-pregnancy (we feel you).

Symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, or restless leg syndrome interrupt your sleep and make it hard to get that good deep rest that you need.

Tips to Get A Better Night's Sleep

Fortunately, getting a good night's sleep is not a hopeless cause that you have to just tolerate. Fatigue is NOT a price you pay for getting pregnant.

First, there are some basic lifestyle things we can do to help us sleep, such as:

  • reducing caffeine
  • reducing screen time before bed
  • establishing a bedtime routine and having a consistent sleep/wake-up time
  • not eating a big meal or drinking a lot of fluids right before bed

As well, we can also do things to address specific problems. For example, if you are suffering from restless leg syndrome, it typically means that you have an iron deficiency so ask your doctor or midwife if a supplement might be necessary.

Also, if you are having a lot of trouble sleeping on your stomach, try using a pregnancy pillow to help support your belly and keep you comfortable.

If you find your nighttime sleep is really impacted, see if you can take 20-30 minute naps during the day.

Self-Care During Pregnancy

We know our minds and our bodies are connected. One source of sleeplessness can be related to how we are feeling and our stress levels.

Have you made room in your routine to take care of yourself? A good bedtime routine that includes some kind of relaxing activity (i.e. a soothing bath, rubbing some pregnancy safe oil or cream on your growing belly, doing a bit of yoga, meditation, or journaling) may help you catch your zzzz's.

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