Constant Feeling Need to Pee is a Common Pregnancy Symptom

Pregnancy Pee - What's the Deal?

Being pregnant means you're going to be spending a little extra time going to and from the washroom; but as if that wasn't tiring enough, unfortunately for you and all of us pregnant women, it doesn't stop there. There is a lot more when it comes to pregnancy, pee and your bladder.

So let's talk about that in this article. We will go over what's up with pregnancy pee, how you can avoid UTI's and everything else that you need to know.

(And as always, we'd like to remind you that we are not medical professionals - though we have seen every episode of Gray's Anatomy at least more than once - apparently that doesn't count! If you have any concerns about your pregnancy or any pregnancy related symptom, we encourage you to talk to your doctor or midwife.)

Frequent Urination

One of the first things you might notice in early pregnancy is that you have to go... a lot. You know how normally you can hold it for hours and hours and not think twice about it? Yeah, that goes out the window pretty quick.

Even in early pregnancy, your uterus is starting to grow and expand putting pressure on your bladder. This pressure is only going to increase as your pregnancy progresses. Plus, you're actually peeing for two since your getting rid of the baby's waste too.

Honestly, it's really irritating to have to go that often. It interrupts your day, you worry you might be getting weird looks from the person whose office is right in front of the bathroom and it breaks up your sleep.

So what can you do?

  • Don't limit your liquids. You need all those extra fluids for you and the baby.
  • Try to go when you first feel the urge instead of holding it in and try to fully empty your bladder.
  • Do some pelvic floor exercises. Yep, they can help with this too!
  • Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't put any extra pressure on your bladder like tight jeans or belts.
  • If getting up to go is disrupting your sleep, try and drink more earlier in the day and less at night.
  • Avoid diuretics like coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

The Dreaded Sniss

Okay it's technically called "incontinence" but it's when you leak a little urine when you laugh, cough, or sneeze and it can be a little embarrassing (especially if you're in public!).

So a lot of the same tips from above are going to help you here. Avoid caffeinated beverages and try not to hold it if you do have to go. As well, eating high-fiber foods to avoid being constipated, since constipation can also cause urine leakage.

You also want to maintain a healthy body weight. Extra body weight can put more pressure on the bladder, causing more incontinence.

Keeping the U Out of UTIs

Finally, you want to keep an eye out for UTIs (or urinary tract infections). They are fairly common in pregnant women (at least 5% of us will get one while we're pregnant.

So what should you look out for? Symptoms of a UTI include:

  • A burning feeling when you pee
  • More frequent urination (although this could also just be a pregnancy symptom)
  • Cloudy or bloody urine
  • Fever, chills, nausea or vomiting
  • Pelvic pain (usually in the front lower part of your pelvis - where your pubic bone is)

If left untreated, these can become really dangerous. You could get a kidney infection, a higher risk of fetal growth restriction, preeclampsia and preterm birth. Pretty scary stuff.

Fortunately, they are easy to treat. Your doctor will prescribe pregnancy-safe antibiotics and it should be cleared up in 7-14 days. Make sure you take the whole amount prescribed, even if you feel better.

You can also lower your chances of getting a UTI. Here are some simple things you can do to hopefully avoid a UTI:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Wipe front to back - every time!
  • Wear cotton underwear and skip undies altogether at bed sometimes so everything can breathe.

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