Grandma-to-Be Baby Shower

The “Grandma Shower” Controversy...

In the ever-evolving landscape of social gatherings and celebrations, a new trend has emerged!!!

It adds a twist to traditional baby showers and you’ll either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between.

Let me introduce you to the “Grandma Shower.” A celebration that puts the spotlight on the soon-to-be grandmother rather than the expecting mother. Imagine that!

Grandma showers gained popularity during the Covid-19 lockdown when in-person gatherings with people from all over w a challenge. Grandma showers provide grandmas the opportunity to celebrate a new addition to the family without the mother even being present!

So...What Happens at A Grandma Shower?

Imagine a party with the same festive atmosphere as a baby shower - delicious food, refreshing drinks, engaging games, and thoughtful gifts. However, in this specific scenario, the mom-to-be doesn’t even need to be present. Instead, the focus is on celebrating the impending arrival of the newest family member and the joyous transition from parenthood to grandparenthood.

I think the beauty of Grandma-to-be parties lies in the inclusivity. Friends and family of the grandmother now have the chance to join in the celebration. It’s an exciting opportunity for the grandma-to-be to share the joy with her own circle of friends, creating lasting memories in anticipation of the special new family member.

One of the charming aspects of a grandma shower is the unique gift-giving dynamic. Attendees can choose thoughtful presents that can be kept at the grandma’s house for when baby visits.

This not only includes practical items but also sentimental gifts that celebrate the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. This would also leave grandma-to- be with the responsibility of making a baby registry and therefore relieving some responsibility off of mom-to-be.

However, opinions on grandma showers seem to be very divided. Some LOVEEE the idea and others think it’s totally ridiculous.

Those who find the idea less than desirable may say it is odd to be celebrating the grandmother-to-be rather than the mother-to-be. Which is totally fair!

The idea of diverting attention from the mom-to-be to the grandmother may seem unconventional. Traditional baby showers have long been centered around supporting and pampering the expecting mom, and altering this focus can raise brows among those who value the time-honored rituals associated with pregnancy celebrations.

Another fair point of contention concerns gift-giving. Critics may argue that the main purpose of baby shower gifts is to provide essential items for the newborn and the expecting parents. Shifting the attention to gifts that remain at grandma’s house may be seen as counterproductive.

What do you think?

Do you agree that what started as a solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic has become a lasting trend that resonates with families across various circumstances?

And that in a world where traditions are continually evolving, grandma showers stand out as a heartwarming and innovative way to celebrate the upcoming addition to the family?

Or do you agree that the idea of celebrating a grandma-to-be instead of a mom-to-be is a bit ridiculous or silly?

Either way, let’s raise a glass to the grandmas, the unsung heroes in the journey of welcoming a new life into the world! 🥂

Sending hugs,



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