Fun and Unique Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Spilling the Tea: 5 Fun Ways to Tell Your Friends & Family That You’re Pregnant!

Ehhhh!!!!! It’s time for the big announcement already!?????

This has GOT to be one of the first most exciting parts of pregnancy. Love this for you!!!

Will your mom cry? Is your sister going to jump for joy? Will your partner faint?

Anticipating the reaction of your loved ones to such incredible news like being a new mom-to-be is so exciting.

Make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience and take a look at our 5 favorite ways to spill the tea! 🫖

1. Gift Box It

Nicely wrap one of your positive pregnancy tests and tell your loved ones you have a gift for them! 🙈

There are endless ways to go about disguising your pregnancy test as a gift. Here is a few of our favorites:

Pregnancy Annoucement Gift Ideas

Imagine the joy and surprise when your loved ones unwrap an unexpected gift, only to discover the most beautiful treasure of life inside.

It’s a simple yet creative method that turns a traditional moment into an unforgettable experience.

The anticipation builds as your loved ones unwrap the gift, totally unaware of the life-changing surprise they are about to see!

The mix of emotions- curiosity, excitement, and maybe even a hint of confusion all culminate into sheer delight once your loved ones see the positive pregnancy test.

This one would be most exciting for either telling your partner, or your parents because you’re giving them the best gift of all...a child or a grandchild!

2. Sweet Beginnings

You know when you’re working in the office and someone walks in with a package of donuts for everyone? And at that moment they are everyone’s favorite person ever?

So think bringing donuts to the office...but make it cupcakes for a standout pregnancy announcement!

Here’s some visual inspo:

Office and Work Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There’s something undeniably magical about cupcakes.

Cupcakes are like little bundles of joy that bring smiles to the faces of everyone young and old.

Now, imagine you infuse cupcakes with the delicious news of a new life!!! Your little one!!!

Whether you choose cupcakes with tiny baby booties on them or choose to spell out “We’re Expecting” in edible letters, the joy lies in the anticipation of bringing in the cupcakes and opening the box in front of everyone...

This one can be used to reveal the news to a group such as at work, a family event, or a girls night!

3.“Table for 3, please!”

Hear me out, regular date night turned unforgettable life-changing experience!

This one is my favorite idea for telling your partner that you’re pregnant!
Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant to go to together, but book a table for 
three instead of just two this time. 😉

There are a few different ways you could go about this, so have fun with it!

  • Have a decorative paper that says “coming soon...” as the third-place setting

  • Have the waiter bring over two drinks for you and your partner (non-alcoholic for you of course!) and then a sippy cup for the third-place setting

  • Have a tiny pair of baby booties sitting on the table at the third-place setting

This will totally catch your partner by surprise and create a surreal moment for the both of you, followed by enjoying your favorite food together and talking nonstop about your little one on the way!

An absolutely unforgettable night that you’ll both cherish forever. Plus, what a fun story to tell your baby one day!

4. Storytime!

Write a short storybook on how your little one came to be!

Perhaps start the book off with how you and your partner met, highlighting some of your favorite memories together. Maybe talk about the moment you knew you two wanted to start a family.

Include your other loved ones in the book too. Maybe one page could be dedicated to your parents and everything they’ve done for you. Another page could be dedicated to your best friend or sister who will be your baby’s auntie!

Another page could be all about you and how you’ve grown as a woman. Everything in your life that has led you to the decision to bring new life into the world!

And now for my favorite part!!! On the LAST page, reveal the big news by saying something like “and that’s how you came to be, my little one” with a picture of your choosing that reveals you’re pregnant!

Maybe something like this?

    Pregnancy Announcement Book

    This book will be treasured in your family forever from this day forward, and who knows it might even become your baby’s favorite storybook one day.

    5. Taboo

    If you’ve never played the game “Taboo” before, it’s basically a word-guessing game.

    Pregnancy Announcement Game Idea

    Players take turns reading keywords off of a card and trying to prompt their teammates to guess the keyword on their card before their time runs out. The catch is that each card also has “taboo” words listed on them which cannot be spoken, otherwise, you lose.

    While playing a round of Taboo, when it comes to be your turn, get your teammates to guess the word “pregnant.”

    When someone yells out “PREGNANT” because they finally guessed the word, that’s when you say “yes, I am!”


    With everyones adrenaline already rushing from the competitive nature of the game, everyone will totally freak when you tell them the news.

    If you’re a “family game night” type of family, this one’s for you!

    Once You’ve Spilled the Tea...

    Now that the cat’s out of the bag and everything went well, you can relax! Pregnancy is a full nine months of ups and downs. Fun celebrations like a gender reveal party and a baby shower, and not-so-fun things like morning sickness and swollen feet.

    Throughout all the crazy ups and downs, always remember that what’s most important is taking care of YOU.

    When I was pregnant with my fourth little one, focusing on my self-care was what got me through the emotional and physical rollercoaster. I created Rumbly boxes inspired by past pregnant me, for presently pregnant you to enjoy!

    We’re all in this together, and I’ve got your back.