Pregnancy Must-Haves for Each Trimester.

Self-Care Pregnancy Must-Haves for Each Trimester.

Trimester 1- Here we go...

The first trimester goes from Week 1 to the end of Week 12.

Speaking from my own experience, the first trimester was a rollercoaster of emotions. Extreme excitement, nerves, never-before-felt hardship, and pure love.

Although pregnancy is different for everyone and your experience is unique to YOU, a lot of expecting moms go through similar experiences which is why having a community is so helpful.

For many women, the onset of the first trimester brings a surge of joy and excitement mixed with a touch of apprehension...totally normal! As your body begins this miraculous process of creating life, the hormonal fluctuations set in and the body changes begin.

One thing that I loved when I was pregnant for the second time was my weekly countdown calendar. This will remind you every week of how far you’ve come, and how close you are to meeting your baby!

Another find that I discovered during my pregnancy was Coco Bee lip balm. I despise having dry lips, but the smells of my old lip balms were irritating me...pregnancy am I right!?

The Coco Bee Lip Balm has a natural sweet honey subtle grapefruit flavor and I felt good putting this on my lips because it uses only all-natural, high quality organic ingredients.

These 2 self-care needs, along with many more are included in Rumbly’s Pregnancy Essentials Box!

Rumbly Pregnancy Essentials Box


Trimester 2- You’re Totally Glowing

The second trimester goes from week 13 to the end of week 26.

Entering your second trimester of pregnancy is like stepping into a magical phase of 
renewed energy which shows through your now visible pregnancy glow.

Along with your pregnancy glow, comes an ever-growing baby bump! The first sight of your baby bump is monumental, and as it continues to grow it’s important to take care of the skin on your belly. Belly oil works wonders for soothing the skin as it encourages elasticity and reduces the effects of dryness and tightness.

Another thing I will always remember from my second trimester was my desire for coffee. If you’re a coffee lover like me, you don’t have to totally give that up while you’re pregnant, just watch your caffeine intake. Keep it decaf by searching for your favorite decaf coffee, or just have the best one chosen for you and delivered to your doorstep in your monthly Rumbly box. 😉

One more self-care recommendation for your second trimester is having movement as a regular part of your daily routine. I used ankle + wrist weights throughout all of my pregnancies to add a littleee intensity to my exercise but not too much and believe me...I felt the burn. If you want to add some intensity to your movement without going too crazy, these weights would be awesome for you too!

I’ve included my Trimester 2 faves such as the magic belly oil, the best decaf coffee, some cute little ankle + wrist weights, and much more in the sequence of Trimester 2 Rumbly boxes!

Rumbly Second Trimester Pregnancy Box


Trimester 3- Almost There Mama!

The third trimester goes from week 27 to delivery day!

Moms-to-be may find the third trimester to be a time of both joy and discomfort, you’re not alone!

Your little one is growing rapidly in your belly at this point and you may feel your nesting instincts start to kick in as you suddenly have the urge to prepare your home for the notorious arrival of your baby.

For some soon-to-be moms, it can be difficult to sleep in the third trimester. Magnesium Oil can be an absolute lifesaverrr here! It is designed to help you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Trimester 3 is also when most mama’s start to prepare their hospital bags because you never know exactly when your baby is going to be ready to say hey! 👋

Two must-haves that I was so grateful to have in my hospital bag were postpartum underwear and my own Delivery + Nursing gown. I didn’t want to wear those scratchy paper gowns they pop you in at the hospital, I wanted my experience to be as comfortable as humanly possible.

Postpartum Underwear is definitely a necessity after meeting your little one as well. My chosen postpartum underwear will fit you as your body changes and will not put any pressure on your belly.

Don’t stress about everything you need to put in your hospital bag though, Rumbly has stressed about it for you. The Rumbly Hospital Bag Essentials Box has got it all covered for you.

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