Baby registry for mom-to-be

Tis the Season to be...PREGNANT! Let’s Talk Baby Registries

In the spirit of the holidays, let’s put together your baby registry!!!

Becoming a mom is a totally exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to preparing for your little one’s arrival. Good thing for baby registries – THE best hack for no-so-subtly telling your friends and family exactly what you want!

Creating a solid baby registry sets everyone up for success -- It gives your loved ones a clear path to getting you what you realllyyyyyy want and it helps you stay organized with everything you need!

Baby registries are typically organized by store for everyone’s convenience - and registering for one online is for sure the way to go (who doesn’t love a link to exactly what and where to buy?!).

So here’s everything you need to know about baby registries + a few recos on what to included in yours!!

Why Baby Registries Are a Total Necessity

1. Avoid Duplicate Gifts

We all know that when you receive a duplicate gift, you make a mental note to return one of them when you have the time. Then the 3 return policy completely FLIES by (especially with pregnancy brain) and before you know it it’s too late and you’re stuck with two of the same thing! One of the biggest benefits of creating a baby registry is that it helps prevent receiving duplicate gifts. When friends and family are provided with a diverse list and know exactly what you need, it reduces the chance of multiple people giving you the same thing.

+++ online registries typically mark off what’s been purchased already, so it helps ensure you get ALL the things you need + everyone brings something unique! Nothing worse than bringing a gift and seeing the EXACT same thing get opened before yours 😩

2. Receive What You REALLY Want (what you really, really want)

With a perfectly planned baby registry, you can guide gift-givers toward items that align with your lifestyle and preferences – for example, if you want a full grey tonal nursery... you can ask for only things that fit the aesthetic 😉. Of course, your aunt that knits her own bird-sweaters will probably go with that, but at least you can try haha

3. Budget-Friendly

A baby registry provides a wide variety of gift options ranging in price for loved ones to choose from. This way everyone who wants to contribute can choose a gift within their budget and feel confident that their contribution is meaningful and MUCH appreciated.

4. Easier Planning for Baby Showers

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of your little one. Having a baby registry makes baby shower gifts super easy to find and organize for your guests.

Where Do I Even Start!?

Here are some quick tips that I l from creating my baby registry to help you create yours!

1. Start Early !!!

Begin creating your baby registry early in your pregnancy if you can. This gives you lotsssssss of time to research, compare products, and make informed decisions about the items you need and want!

2. Choose the Right Retailer

Select a retailer that aligns with your needs and offers a wide range of baby products. Some of our fav places to register:

*For our Canadians: West Coast Kids

3. Consider Long-Term Needspage2image89603104

While it’s essential to focus on immediate needs, consider adding items that will be useful as your baby grows too! This might include convertible car seats, a high chair, or a playpen. This way as your baby grows, you don’t need to constantly be running out to the store to pick up l items you didn’t think of before. Although this may totally still happen, and that’s okay! 😉

4. Check Reviews

There is nothing worse than ordering a product online and then having it come in and totally not be what you were expecting. Before finalizing your registry, read reviews from other parents. This will provide valuable insights into the functionality, durability, and safety of the products you’re looking at.

What Do I Need on my Baby Registry?

You can put literally anythingggggg you think you’ll need on your registry AND you can have more than one place to choose from (ex. amazon registry + a Pottery Barn Kids registry), so don’t hesitate adding those special things you’d love to have!

Here's a list of our Rumbly absolute necessities to get you started:

**Tip: Screenshot this photo and save it for later!!**

The Rumbly Essential Baby Registry Checklist

And if you want something extra special on there... Add the Rumbly Subscription Box or Postpartum Essentials Box to your baby registry! Don’t forget... Having a baby isn’t all about baby, it’s all about you too!!!

Happy shopping!!!



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Baby Shower Gift Set - Girl