What to pack when travelling pregnant

Travelling While Pregnant: 7 Carry-On Musts!

Travelling is an always overwhelming and stressful experience. Now throw in the extra consideration of your being pregnant while travelling, and it becomes ever more stressful - but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are a few key and comforting tips we want to share with you, including must-have items to keep on hand that will help make your travels while pregnant more comfortable, and most importantly, more enjoyable!

From combating limited legroom and motion sickness to less-than-ideal “on-the-go” meals, here’s a collection of some of our best tips and tricks to help ensure your pregnant travel experience is stocked with pregnancy-friendly items that will help make it as great as the destination. 😉

Snacks Galore 

Snacks are essential, topping our list as a definite must-have for satisfying your quick-onset cravings when on the go! It's somewhat simpler to pack snacks for a road trip, but air travel requires more careful consideration. Opt for easy-to-pack options like trail mix with nuts, dried fruits, beef jerky, or protein-infused peanut butter cups for a protein and energy boost. Whole-grain crackers with cheese are also great, as they provide a combination of carbohydrates and calcium. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, or berries are also great as they are super convenient and rich in essential vitamins. Or, pending the travel time, greek yogurt cups or pre-cut vegetables with hummus offer a great balance of protein and fiber, and is sooooo tasty!

Pro tip: if you pack an empty water bottle, you can fill it up on the other side of airport security, and skip the overpriced airport water!

Layering Essentials

Whether it's scarves, sweaters, cardigans, or a travel blanket, the ability to adjust your layers to achieve the ideal temperature (a tricky task during pregnancy) is crucial for a comfortable journey. Choosing clothes that can be easily layered or shed is a smart strategy to tackle the forever fluctuating car temperature preferences of your travel companions, or to confront the always unpredictable airplane temperatures. Either way, you will be covered, literally! 😌

Your Pillow

If you are embarking on a driving journey, you may want to take advantage of being a passenger princess and bring your pillow right from your bed for the ultimate travel day nap. If you do not have this luxury on the airplane, travel pillows are the holy grail product. These are easy to hook right onto your luggage while you’re on the move, and can easily mould to the space you wish to lay your sleepy head! They are irresistibly comfortable for a long journey too. 

Anti-Nausea Side Kick

Whatever this looks like (and tastes like) for you and your preferences! Some recommendations we love include lollipops, ginger-flavored candies and for more extreme cases, motion-sickness medication such as Gravol. Even if you are not prone to get motion sick, you may want to bring a remedy just in case! You’re definitely better safe than sorry on this one.

Compression Socks

These toe and leg huggers help improve blood circulation and overall comfort which, pregnant or not, is a challenge when sitting for long periods of time. And we SWEAR by these!! Pregnancy increases the likelihood of blood clot formation due to hormonal changes and reduced mobility during long flights or car rides. Compression socks provide graduated pressure, aiding in blood flow from the legs to the heart, preventing swelling and reducing the risk of clot formation. They also alleviate discomfort associated with fluid retention. Since you can’t put your feet up on a beach chair just yet…compression socks it is!

Back-Up Underwear & Liners

Let’s keep it real here, it’s not always easy to keep it fresh down there, especially because pregnancy can come with more discharge than usual. You may decide you want to throw on a more comfortable pair of underwear, or you may just want to swap out for a clean pair after a few hours of travelling. Either way, backup is never a bad idea to keep you feeling clean and comfy!

Personal Luxuries

Last but not least, don’t forget to throw in the things that make you feel good! Whether this is your favorite new item from your Rumbly box - like your new go-to lip balm, tumbler, face wash or a book you have been waiting for an opportunity to get into. Travel can make for a great moment to just be still, present, and enjoy time to yourself!

Now let’s recap!

While travelling pregnant certainly comes with its unique set of challenges, the journey can be much more comfortable and stress-free with the right carry-on items.

Just be sure you set time aside for thoughtful preparation so you can pack the essentials we recommended above. And remember, your personal overall comfort will always come from within, so relax and enjoy the ride as best you can. 

From all of us here at Rumbly, we wish you safe travels and hope that you cherish the journey as much as the destination, for you may look back one day and wish you could do it over and over again..