What To Do If You Just Found Out Your Partner is Pregnant

What To Do If You Just Found Out Your Partner is Pregnant

AHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re officially going to be a parent! 🥹

The impending arrival of your little one has likely sparked vast emotions already. Feeling xcited? How about nervous? Elated? Have you noticed an already deeper connection between you and your partner? Whatever you’re feeling at this moment, no doubt it’s indescribable - at best.

And there is so much more to come! Embracing all the physical and emotional changes, attending prenatal classes, preparing for the growth of your family… there is a lot ahead and a lot to look forward to. Just make sure it’s both of you doing these things, not just the mom-to-be. The two of you are in this together after all…or should I say, the three of you 😉.

It really does take a village, so here are a few things to keep in mind to best support your growing family!

Support Your Relationship 

The expecting mama in your life has already begun going through the MAJOR and beautiful life transition of matrescence

Matrescence refers to the process of becoming a mother and the physical and psychological changes a woman undergoes as she transitions into motherhood. 

Throughout pregnancy, women may experience a range of emotions, including joy, fulfillment, anxiety, and uncertainty. The journey involves adapting to new responsibilities, redefining personal identity, and navigating changes in relationships, especially with your partner.  

Supporting the mom-to-be in your life during this time is a crucial aspect of fostering a healthy and connected relationship. 

With this in mind, communication is CRUCIAL! 👏

I cannot express enough the importance of creating a safe space for open communication between you and your partner at all times; but ESPECIALLY while she is pregnant. Encourage her to share her thoughts, feelings, and concerns openly with you. Too often women are left feeling unsupported during pregnancy because all the focus is on the baby. Don’t forget to nurture your baby mama too!

Emotional support is the key here. Be attuned to your partner’s emotions and offer reassurance during moments of stress or uncertainty. Celebrate milestones together, from the first ultrasound to feeling the baby’s kicks.

It’s also extremely important to always show up. Drive her to all the prenatal appointments and be right by her bedside; attend prenatal classes together; cook her nutritious meals; pick up some extra chores around the house. Whatever it is, make your love and care for your partner and your little one known. 

This active participation and empathy not only strengthens your bond, but also enhances your understanding of the pregnancy process and what your partner is going through.

Oh, and if she’s craving something weird like pickles and honey…GET HER THE PICKLES AND HONEY!!!

Do Your Own Research 

Your partner may be the one carrying your baby in her womb, but don’t only leave it to her to be the pregnancy expert! 

There is lotsss to do in preparation for your little one’s arrival, so there is plenty of research to go around between the two of you. 

Researching pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum supports informed decision-making, contributes to a smoother transition into parenthood, and allows for you to best support yourself, your partner, and your growing baby!

Research potential complications or unexpected events during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum to prepare you and your partner for the possible challenges and adjustments that you may encounter along the way.

Informed partners can actively participate in decision-making regarding birthing plans, parenting styles, and postpartum care.

Ultimately, knowledge empowers partners to offer the right kind of support. It allows you to anticipate the needs of your pregnant partner, offer comfort, and actively engage in the joys and challenges of parenthood rather than it feeling like it’s all on her

By investing time in your own research, you can contribute to a positive and informed pregnancy experience, fostering a strong foundation for the exciting journey into parenthood.

Give Mom-to-be Some Extra Love

Oftentimes during pregnancy, women can begin to feel like nothing more than a vessel, despite being sooo excited about the arrival of their little one.

The health and development of the baby becomes the #1 priority for the parents, the doctors, friends and family. Because of this, 83% of women report not feeling sufficiently supported during pregnancy - a heartbreaking statistic.

One way you can show some extra love to your pregnant partner is through thoughtful gifts! 

This is exactly why I designed Rumbly…to show expecting mothers some extra love because they deserve it.

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