Nesting Party: Baby Shower Party Alternative

Nesting Party VS. Baby Shower: Take Your Pick!

If you read our baby shower blog, then you already know what’s up with baby showers...but do you know about nesting parties?

Let me tell you right now if your love language is acts of service or you're an A-type personality like me...THIS ONE’S FOR YOUUU!

We all know that baby showers are the standard celebration of a mom-to-be bringing new life into the world.

Just like when you find out your bestie is engaged and you throw her a bachelorette party, when you find out your bestie is throw her a baby shower, right?

Well, some moms-to-be LOVEEE a good baby shower. They love the decorations, the fun snacks, opening gifts and the celebration. Other moms-to-be aren’t the biggest fans of baby showers.

Celebrating the expected arrival of their little one feels different than opening gifts and playing games, it’s just not their vibe and that’s totally okay in our books!

One thing we can all agree on though is that expecting moms should be celebrated and pampered in some way. Like 100%!

Nesting parties

Nesting parties are a new emerging trend that offer an alternative option to baby showers.

The term “nesting” refers to mama birds instinctually building or occupying a nest for their families.

Expecting moms relate to this feeling of wanting to build and prepare their home for their little one.

Out of love for their little one, mom’s have the natural desire to clean their home, baby proof everything, decorate for their baby’s arrival, and organize EVERYTHING.

A nesting party supports the mom-to-be's nesting desires by having friends and family help her complete important pre-baby projects and tasks.

An expecting mama named Nia (@nialui2 on TikTok) posted a video introducing the concept of a nesting party and it totally blew up on TikTok.

This new, fun way to celebrate and prepare for a baby’s arrival was LOVED by other expecting moms, and, rightfully so!

The way Nia went about it was by sending her bestie a list of tasks she wanted to get done before her baby arrived. Then, Nia’s bestie printed task cards and all the guests of the nesting party received one upon arrival. The guests then worked on completing their task while Nia got to help where she could and be the “manager” of the project, which she LOVED!

In her video, Nia explains how this left her feeling so much cleaner, organized, and overall ready for her little one’s arrival!

As a way of thanking her guests for their support, Nia provided soup, sourdough bread, and treats. Soooooo cute!

The best part is some of the comments on the video. People were commenting things along the lines of:

“I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents.”

“This is a true village and I love everything about it.”

“Can I have this instead of a birthday party?”

Safe to say the nesting party concept has been well received.

So if the idea of a nesting party rather than a baby shower sounds like something you’d like to do, here’s a list of some of the tasks that can be done at a nesting party:

  • Washing, drying, and folding baby clothes

  • Setting up the nursery

  • Postpartum meal prep

  • General cleaning of the house

  • Setting up the breast pump or nursing station

  • Assembling essential baby products such as strollers or cribs

  • Installing and testing a car seat

  • Packing mom-to-be's hospital bag

Just some inspiration...but feel free to include whatever you need, mama!

Sending hugs and inspiration,


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