15 Reasons I Love Being Pregnant!

15 Reasons I Love Being Pregnant!

When we talk about pregnancy, we sometimes focus a little too much on the negative changes. From acne to hair growth (or loss), to swelling, mood swings, itching, exhaustion, frequent urination and morning sickness, pregnancy can be a difficult time for many women.

There are, however, many things to love about being pregnant, so let's take a break from the negative and focus on 15 AMAZING things about being pregnant! 


#1. You're creating a life!

Let's talk about how freaking cool that is. A real human is being created who will grow up and achieve and accomplish, and you're a big part of that process! People call it a miracle, and (not to be too sappy here) it really is. The baby growing inside you right now will soon become a person with a unique personality all of its own - and you are living their origin story.

#2. Your hair looks AMAZING!

Whip that hair back and forth because you are a walking shampoo commercial! Some people's hair becomes shinier and thicker while they are pregnant. From glossy hair to luscious locks, pregnancy can bring out the best in your tresses. In fact, that's one of the pregnancy symptoms that you may miss the most - so continue to enjoy it!

#3. Your nails are mani-ready!

This is another pregnancy perk we miss a lot.  Your nails become stronger and longer during pregnancy, which means lots of ready-made manis. We're talking about sturdy, shiny nails that look fabulous and are totally ready for those close-up maternity photos of your hands on your belly.

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#4. You have an excuse for everything

Don't want to go for dinner? Sorry, I’m saving money for the baby. Don't want to take a trip with your in-laws? Sorry, we'd better stay close to home...for the baby. You may be #sorrynotsorry, but pregnancy gives you a foolproof excuse, and no one will question you on it. (Hot tip: you can keep going with this one postpartum too 😉).

#5. Feeling your baby move is next-level amazing

We could try and describe it, but it’s really one of those things you just have to feel for yourself to really know how incredibly special it is. Baby’s first kick - also indescribable and definitely among the best feelings in the world. (And we would be a miss if we didn’t give a shout-out to prenatal hiccups, which we have to say are pretty hilarious once you get used to them!

#6. Baby clothes are soooooooooooooo cute.

Folding laundry is kind of terrible, but folding tiny, cute little onesies? Adorable. Shopping can be a drag if it’s not your thing, but shopping for tiny dresses or shoes? We are there for it! Baby clothes are so adorable that everything to do with them is just better. 

#7. Dogs may love you more.

It's a scientific fact, dogs can detect that you are pregnant and are drawn to the baby inside you. In fact, one of our rumbly moms jokes that her dog was the first to know and was glued to her side a full week before she even knew she was pregnant! So, if you have a furry friend, expect extra cuddles from them 😊.

#8. Getting a seat on the bus or subway.  

Once you're visibly showing, you won't even have to ask. People are so much more aware and sensitive to pregnant people - which is … awesome. So if you're feeling exhausted, just hop on the bus and someone will offer you a seat for sure.

#9. You get to eat what you want!

Or, well, close enough 😅… You get a free pass on weird cravings, eating ice cream for breakfast and immediately ordering uber eats right after because you need a hamburger NOW (and even though you follow a meat-free lifestyle when you’re not pregnant)! Whatever you’re feeling, as long as your doctor hasn't given you any restrictions, call it a pregnancy craving and go nuts!

#10. Seeing what your body is capable of

Even though you might know that you are a warrior (yet), seeing and feeling what your body is capable of is a true experience! And it's not just the baby creation - your body produces a hormone called relaxin which loosens your pelvis for delivery. But since it relaxes all your ligaments, you may be a bit more flexible from head to toe. 

During pregnancy your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which loosens ligaments in the pelvis to make delivery easier. But since relaxin affects all your ligaments, you'll likely be more flexible from head to toe, which can ultimately lead to overstretching and injuries.

#11. Taking a break from your period

Especially for those of us that typically have a hard time with their menstrual cycles, taking a break from your period can be both liberating and relieving… enjoy it while it lasts!

#12. All the shopping

If you like a little retail therapy, you've got a good outlet for the next little while. From maternity clothes for you to cute outfits for the baby, the nursery, gear and more, there's a lot to shop around for!

#13. Cleavage!

For those of us who don't usually have much and have a bit of Jessica Rabbit envy, pregnancy can bring us some enviable cleavage (at least for the time being!). 

#14. Seeing a different side of our partners

Your relationship will change as you become parents together - no doubt about that - and this is especially true for first-time moms, but it's also amazing to see a new side of our partner we’ve never gotten to see before. Whether your tough-as-nails partner is reduced to mush and talking in silly voices to your belly, or your goofy partner turns into an ultra-responsible adult, it's a treat to have front-row seats for all the changes.

#15. You get to slow down and pamper yourself

We know that pregnancy can be hectic, but it's also one of the few times in our lives when we are allowed - and even expected - to just slow down and take care of ourselves. So don't forget to do this! Whether it's taking an hour out of your day for a relaxing bubble bath, rubbing some belly oil onto your itchy skin as part of your new nighttime routine, or whether it’s getting regular prenatal massages, it's important to make time for yourself. You deserve it!

How can you make sure that you're giving yourself some extra love? 

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So those are just a few of the amazing perks that come with pregnancy - and we'd love to hear what you think as well! What do you love the most? (Did we miss one of your favourites on the list? DM us on Instagram and let us know!)