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Behind The Box: 1st Trimester

Hiiii friend, 

The other day, as I was writing out handwritten letters for new subscribers, I realized that I hadn’t really shared all the thought and purpose behind each and every one of our boxes, so I decided to start a new little series called “Behind The Box” – a place to share the ‘why’ behind all the products and brands and let you all in on the sappy details of curating Rumbly's flagship Subscription Boxes! 

At its core, every Rumbly subscription is a curation of love, support, celebration, and heartfelt thoughtfulness, with each box building off the one that came before it. As you know, Rumbly holds such a special place in my heart, and it continues to be a dream to be able to curate these special boxes for you, knowing that each month we can show up and help make your journey to motherhood a better one. 

Before going further into the heart behind our Pregnancy Subscription Boxes, I want to share with you a bit more on Rumbly’s beginnings - our ‘birth’ story, if you will haha. Rumbly was born out of a vision — a vision to redefine pregnancy into a more joyful and a more empowering experience for women (like, why shouldn't it be a more enjoyable and more personal experience?!). So I embarked on a quest to curate the absolute best products from all around the world, just for you. And as our bellies and crew of Rumbly moms grew, so did our mission. We want to be there for more of you. We want to provide you with more support on your mental, physical and emotional journey to motherhood. And we want to help you celebrate each moment on your journey a little bigger! 

Now, here's the thing—I've also been there, done that, and got the mommy t-shirt four times over! So, you know I know what you need, what you deserve, and what you're craving. Every product in every Rumbly box is carefully handpicked from other female-founded brands, located across four continents. Each product goes through a rigorous testing and vetting process (it can take up to 6 months to complete), and is evaluated based on how many times we think you will use the product, whether or not the product can be used post-pregnancy, and how we think the product will make you feel while you are using it. Basically, if it doesn’t make you feel more seen, more special, more celebrated, and more supported (through every step of the way), it likely won’t make it into one of our boxes. 

To start the product selection process, I always begin by drawing on inspiration from my own pregnancy experiences - products I loved, products I wish I had, products I wish someone gifted me, and products that just didn’t exist that I know would have been total game-changers in my journey if they had. I then map out all products for consideration and slot them into appropriate themes and months. 

Our goal with every box is to strike a perfect balance among items from your past and future identities. Half of the items in every Rumbly box are carefully chosen to support the incredible woman you are—because pregnancy doesn't have to mean losing what makes you, “you”. The other half of the box is dedicated to celebrating the incredible mom you’re becoming. Additionally, each product must fall within one of our 5 key pillars: something to celebrate where you are, something to support your physical transformation, something to support your mental and social transformation, something new for you to discover, and something to remind you of life before pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a journey of growth and transformation, and I want women to embrace all the excitement and all of the wonder that awaits you. 

Now, back to the intent of this blog! - A brief overview of the story behind our beloved First Trimester box. 

Ah, the first trimester—the rollercoaster of emotions begins. From extreme excitement to never-before-felt feelings of hardship. When I first started thinking about what products should go into this box, I knew it had to be a grand slam. After all, this is not just a woman’s first interaction with Rumbly, but it is also her official start to this remarkable moment in her life, and she deserves to kick it off with her best foot forward. Items in this box are intended to get daily or weekly use throughout the nine-ish (and beyond) months ahead, while also being our only box to include three+ Rumbly exclusives in it.

And while I deeply acknowledge that every pregnancy and every woman’s journey to motherhood is completely unique, it’s so important to me that you know that every Rumbly box is all about you. Your dreams, your memories, and your happiness. We will forever approach every curation with so much love and excitement, promising to make you feel extra special every step of the way. So, consider gifting yourself or another loved one a Rumbly Subscription, and let us cheer you on the whole way through - both the woman you are and the extraordinary mom you are becoming. 

With all my love and passion, 

Founder of Rumbly 

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