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Navigating The Gender Reveal Party

So, I went to my first gender reveal party this spring - super cute, it was for my brother and his girlfriend, hosted by her grandparents in their home - and it was a lot of peopleʼs first time attending one of these events, so naturally there were a lottttt of questions on how these things work!

Me and the rest of the rumbly team got talking about how many people probably hadnʼt been to a gender reveal yet – they only got popular/main stream as of 2020! Whether you're the new Mom-to-Be, Grandma-to-Be or the BFF attending, you probably have some questions about how a Gender Reveal Party is supposed to work, what to bring and the expectations around the whole event!

So we sat down and put together all the questions weʼve been asked in our pregnancy travels with our recos on how to navigate this ʻnewʼ kind of pregnancy celebration!

“Sooooo.... What ʻIsʼ A Gender Reveal Party?!”

So, what even is a gender reveal party? The gender reveal party is a celebration for the new parents-to-be to announce the sex of the baby, usually with a creative and surprising reveal moment!

The Gender Reveal Party is a bit of a ʻnewʼ concept in the world of pregnancy celebrations - at least in comparison to other pregnancy celebrations - so there are still lots of questions on exactly what youʼre ʻsupposedʼ to do at them, but the only thing that really ʻneedsʼ to happen... is the gender reveal moment!

Gender Reveal Party Explained


“Whatʼs the general ʻetiquetteʼ for these things?”

Every party is going to be unique to the people itʼs celebrating, but here are some of the general best practices/etiquette that are consistent across the board:

Do what the parents-to-be want

Itʼs 100% their moment, so go with whatever they want from the day! Whether they want to be the finds finding out or the ones doing the revealing - just let it happen haha

Donʼt ruin the surprise

If you happen to know the gender before the official reveal happens... donʼt tell anyone!!!! There are far too many TikTok compilations of ʻgender reveal failsʼ, you donʼt need to add to them lol. Make sure to not eat the special cupcakes, pop the balloon or open anything that looks like confetti might come out of it... just in case!

Donʼt post on socials until the parents-to-be have

Just hold off on posting anything until you see the parents-to-be have! Posting the reveal video is a special serotonin release that they deserve hahaha. Give the parents-to-be time to enjoy the moment, take some photos and have their reveal moment on social media first, then do you!

Someone should offer to host it for the parents-to-be

Although itʼs totally normal for the parents-to-be to host the gender reveal themselves, someone should at least offer to host for them! If you're the grandparents-to-be, weʼre looking at you here!! Otherwise, a friend or other family member can totally take the reins here. But if you haven't heard anything from the couple and itʼs getting towards the end of the first trimester... nowʼs the time to offer!

Gender Reveal Party Decor Ideas

“What do I bring as a gift to this?”

One of the super cute things we discovered about gender reveal giing is that you're supposed to bring something for the parents-to-be! Save all those cute onesies and baby books for the baby shower (a totally different, separate event btw!!) and hunt down something thatʼs for the new parents.

These are some of the best gis I saw:

  • The Rumbly XOXO Box

  • A “Babymoon" in a Box”

  • Matching ʻMommyʼ and ʻDaddyʼ hats

  • Cash lol

If someone other than yourself or the parent-to-be is hosting, itʼs always nice to bring a little gi for them! Flowers, bottle of wine, or a tray of treats for the party usually go over well!

Gender Reveal Party Gift

“What do I wear to the party?”

The vibe of what to wear will depend on the style/theme of the party – and really, you can wear whatever you want – but our recos on how to approach your party fit are:

  • Wear something thatʼs a bit more formal; a nice floral sundress or casual suit!

  • The mom-to-be might be feeling a bit ʻdamn I wish I could wear all my cute fitsʼ, so try to wear something that wonʼt give her outfit FOMO lol

  • If thereʼs a dress code or theme – follow it!

Because gender reveals are usually an intimate/more casual event, youʼre most likely good in a cute top and jeans or an easy-breezy sun dress!

Gender Reveal Party Dress Code


Need some help navigating other questions?! Drop them to us in our DMʼs or email us at with all your gender reveal questions!!

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