Top 10 Ways to Support your Pregnant Best Friend

Best Friend's Pregnancy: 10 Essential Ways to Support Her and Be There For Her During Pregnancy

Hiii friend,

So, your BFF is expecting!! Yay! Can you believe it? - and you have the incredible opportunity to be her go-to support. (After all, she needs you more right now than you - or even she - may know). And as her trusted best friend, you hold a special place in her heart, and your role during this magical time is crucial. 

But what actually can you do to sprinkle her journey with extra warmth, joy, support and celebration?

Shower Her with Excitement

Your BFF is going to be a mom! Let your excitement shine through by squealing with joy, giving her extra hugs, and showering her with enthusiastic words. Share in her anticipation and make sure she feels extra seen and extra special. This moment is really big for her; and your excitement is contagious and is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Bonding: Create Moments She’ll Never Forget

During her pregnancy, your BFF needs you more than ever. Take this opportunity to create some special moments together. Plan activities like prenatal yoga classes, spa days, or shopping sessions for adorable baby or nursery items. These shared moments will not only strengthen your friendship, but will also provide her with the emotional support she really needs during this time.

Be Her Pillar of Comfort and Understanding 

Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster, and your BFF needs a safe space to express herself. Be that listening ear she can rely on. Offer comfort, understanding, and non-judgmental support. Let her know that whatever she's going through, you're there for her, no matter what. Your friendly and supportive presence will definitely make her feel understood and cherished.

Help Pamper Her 

Pregnancy brings about an incredible amount of physical changes, and your BFF could use some extra TLC during this time. Treat her to a pampering session fit for a queen. Book her a prenatal foot massage or back massage, or send her a personalized care package with an assortment of pregnancy safe products she’ll love to discover. These small acts of kindness will make her feel loved, cared for, and oh-so-special.

Surprise Her with Thoughtful Gestures 

Surprises, ANYTIME, are a fantastic way to show your BFF you’re thinking of her. Plan thoughtful gestures to make her smile because, trust us, this journey can be hard. Like sooooo hard. Surprise her with a personalized gift basket filled with her favorite snacks, cozy socks, and a heartfelt note. Or perhaps organize a surprise visit with her favorite takeout, some flowers, mocktail ingredients and a list of trending TV shows to watch. These gestures will let her know that you're thinking of her every step of the way.

Educate Yourself and Share Insights

Talk her talk. Educate yourself about the amazing journey she's going through. TikTok, YouTube, google, and podcasts are all a great place to start. Share your newfound knowledge with her, offer helpful tips and advice while respecting her choices. Being informed will not only make you a reliable source of support for her during this time, but also show her that you're invested in her well-being.

Celebrate Her Journey with a Baby Shower 

What better way to celebrate your BFF and her journey to motherhood than with a baby shower? Plan a special event that’s filled with love and excitement, among you and her closest. Gather friends and family and shower her with thoughtful messages, toasts and gifts. But make sure it’s not all about the baby! Celebrate her journey too - making her feel just as loved and just as appreciated.

Document the Journey

Help her capture precious moments of her pregnancy journey through scrapbooking. Collect ultrasound pictures, bump photos, and any heartfelt messages (or advice) from loved ones. Get creative with colorful papers, stickers, and washi tapes. A personalized scrapbook will serve as a cherished keepsake, and something she can always look back on with a smile.

Be Her Shopping Buddy

Help your BFF navigate the world of baby and maternity essentials. Offer to be her shopping buddy and try to make the experience extra fun and stress-free. Accompany her to baby and maternity stores, help her research the best baby products, and have fun throwing in some ideas to help her create a stylish nursery she’ll love (a dedicated Pinterest board works great for this!). Your guidance and support will help her feel confident and prepared for the arrival of her little one.


Postpartum Care: Continue to Be a Support After Birth

The postpartum period is often an incredibly challenging time too, and she may need you in more ways than one during that time. Be there for her by offering practical support or perhaps help by preparing home cooked freezer meals, household chores, or by lending a listening ear during all those sleepless nights. Also make sure you remind her that she's doing an amazing job as a new mom and reassure her that you're always just a phone call away.

So, are you ready now to take on your important role? 

By helping to shower her with extra excitement, creating beautiful memories, offering comfort and understanding, pampering her, surprising her with thoughtful gifts or gestures, and more, she will definitely feel an amazing amount of love and support throughout this extraordinary time in her life! And trust us, as we said before, she will need it more than she likely knows.