Top 15 Gifts to Get When She Finds Out She's Pregnant

Top 15 Gifts to Get for When She Finds Out (She’s Pregnant)

Hiii friend,

Well, you’re certainly here for one specific reason: you need a pregnancy gift. Discovering the news of a pregnancy is an extraordinary moment filled with immense joy and colossal anticipation. When your friend, sister, cousin, neighbour, colleague… whomever! - finds out she's expecting, it's an important time to celebrate this new chapter in her life. … But how?

Finding that perfect gift, you know, the one that stands out as the most thoughtful, appreciated and loved is not at all easy (trust us, we’ve been there); but we have also learned a thing or two along the way. And while we would like to keep this list all to ourselves (that is, in order to continue to reign as the best pregnancy gift givers out there) we also want nothing more than for more expectant woman to receive gifts like these because, well, they deserve it!!!

So without further adieu, here’s our handpicked, beloved, list of personal, cool, fun, unique, and thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to make her feel extra loved, seen and celebrated during her incredible journey of motherhood.

  1. Pregnancy Journal
    Okay, this may not sound that unique, but in the case of pregnancy, it is! Help her capture and cherish every precious moment of her pregnancy with a beautifully designed pregnancy journal. These journals provide space to document milestones, thoughts, and emotions throughout her journey. It's a perfect way for her to reflect on this transformative experience she is embarking on.

  2. Maternity Clothing Subscription
    You’ve likely never heard of a maternity clothing subscription service before (there are definitely still low key), but they do exist and they are amazing! Along with everything else in her life, her body will be transforming at an incredible rate on the journey to baby. Treat her to a stylish and comfortable pregnancy wardrobe with a maternity clothing subscription. These services allow her to rent or receive monthly clothing selections tailored to her size and style, ensuring she feels confident and fashionable throughout her entire pregnancy.

  3. Prenatal Massage Gift Card
    We all know pregnancy can come with its fair share of extreme emotions, aches and discomforts, so why not spoil her with prenatal massage! It’s a special gift that offers her the promise of both relaxation and relief during this major, major time.

  4. Spa Gift Certificate
    Like all the reasons for the prenatal massage, why not treat her to a spa gift certificate. With a spa gift certificate she can choose what type of service she would like - so whether it’s a prenatal massage, a soothing facial, a mani-pedi session, or other - and it all comes with the guarantee of some much needed pampering!

  5. Just Found Out Gift Bundle, by rumbly
    An amazing collection of some our favorite essentials she never knew how much she needed, packaged up into one incredibly thoughtful and stunning gift box, is definitely the rumbly Just Found Out Box. It’s a gift that celebrates HER (vs baby); and is filled with totally useful and incredibly appreciated products. It was also carefully designed to be a standout gift, to let her know that while she’s got baby, you’ve got her.

  6. Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Set
    Gift her a luxurious (pregnancy-safe) skincare set that will help uplift her when she may not be feeling that pregnancy “glow”. Look for products that are free from harmful chemicals and gentle on her changing skin. This thoughtful gift will encourage her to take care of herself and indulge in some routine pampering moments.

  7. Baby Name Book
    Fun, unique and more cost friendly, consider gifting her a baby name book! Not only will this thoughtful gift help her navigate the exciting job of choosing a name for her baby, but it will also provide the perfect amount of inspiration and discovery too. And hey… it’s something you can also read through together :) 

  8. Pregnancy Pillow and Loungewear Set
    This one sits at the top of the list when it comes to thoughtful pregnancy gift ideas. Help her relax and unwind at the end of the day (or after any routined hormonal afternoon) with a cozy pregnancy pillow and loungewear set. The pillow provides optimal support for her changing body, and paves the way for a more restful sleep. Pair it with a set of soft and stylish loungewear that's both comfortable and flexible to her changing body.

  9. Subscription to a Pregnancy Wellness Box
    Make her feel pampered throughout her pregnancy and surprise her with a subscription to a pregnancy wellness box - tailored specifically to HER! Each month she'll look forward to a new package that caters specifically to her unique needs during pregnancy. Of course, our favorite for this is a subscription to rumbly

  10. Belly Casting Kit
    This may or not be your thing, but if it is, consider gifting one!! Belly casting kits give her an amazing opportunity to create a unique memento that she is sure to cherish for years to come.

  11. Personalized Jewelry
    Celebrate her pregnancy with a piece of personalized jewelry. It’s among THE most thoughtful gift you can get, symbolizing the unbreakable bond between her and her little one, while also promising to become a cherished memento forever after baby is born. And whether it includes the date she found out she was pregnant, her baby's initials, their anticipated birthstone, etc. we promise she will LOVE it. 

  12. Parenting Books
    Support her transition into parenthood by gifting her an informative and insightful parenting book. Choose titles that cover a wide range of topics, from pregnancy and childbirth to newborn care and parenting advice. These books will empower her with knowledge and guidance throughout her entire journey.

  13. Customized Relaxation Kit
    Create a customized relaxation kit tailored to her preferences. Fill it with slow burning candles, soothing bath salts, a plush robe, a cozy blanket, and her favorite snack. This thoughtful gift will encourage her to indulge in moments of self-care and relaxation whenever she needs them most.

  14. Online Prenatal Yoga or Fitness Classes
    Support her well-being with a subscription to an online prenatal yoga or fitness class. These classes are designed to keep her active, strengthen her body, prepare her for labor, and help boost her mood.

  15. Gourmet Pregnancy Cravings Kit
    Indulge her pregnancy cravings with a gourmet pregnancy cravings kit. Fill it with a selection of her favorite treats, - whatever she is craving the most! This delicious gift will not only satisfy her taste buds but will surely bring a giggle and a smile to her face too :)  

Before we go, if we can leave you with just one recommendation it’s to treat HER along the way. Celebrate her, her inner beauty and continue to honor both the woman she is and the mom she’s becoming.