Finding the Best Pregnancy Gift for Your Friend

Finding the Best Pregnancy Gift for Your Friend

Finding the perfect gift? Tough. Finding the perfect gift for a pregnant person? Even tougher!

A quality pregnancy gift should combine the right mix of practicality, sentimentality, quality and thoughtfulness. It should also reflect a woman’s individual style and personality.

And whether you are searching for the best pregnancy gift for your friend, sister, cousin, daughter or wife, we are here to help you find something that will be both meaningful and memorable. Something that will stand out from any other gift she receives; and something that will let her know that it’s not all about the baby. 

Before we dive in on the list, a quick note...

Pregnancy gifts are not just for first-time moms!

Just because it's not her first pregnancy doesn't mean it's not her first time being pregnant with THIS baby. Think of it this way - would you not celebrate a friend's new job just because they've had a job before? Every pregnancy is unique and special, so it's always a great idea to give your pregnant friend the best possible gift that shows her just how much she is loved, thought of and appreciated.

What other rumbly moms have to say

We asked our community of beloved rumbly moms what pregnancy gifts they received when they were pregnant, which were especially memorable to them. Here’s what some of them had to say:

"A 4-pound tub of jelly beans (and yes, I ate it all myself, way too fast)"

"My husband took the toddler to visit his family, and I got 2 nights in a city hotel with the dog to meet up with my girlfriends and eat ice cream and take baths and go to bed early, and then 2 nights at home by myself"

"Spa day with lunch. It was a total experience!"

"Tickets to See Usher in Vegas!!!!"

"A prenatal workout video - it felt good to workout safely"

Do you see the trend here? Not only are these all great gifts - and all different! - but they are all gifts that were given for the enjoyment of JUST HER! Not baby, but her! And just like no pregnancy is ever the same, neither is there one perfect gift for every woman. The best gifts always come from the heart, and tailored to your friend's individual needs.

Ultimately you know her best, so when you're shopping for the perfect pregnancy gift for her, consider a gift that is… for her. Something that would make her feel seen, pampered and extra special. We all know the baby is sure to get lots of gifts, so don’t forget her - especially as she may forget herself. 

Gift ideas for your pregnant friend

Now that we’ve gotten inside your head a little bit and you have an idea of what she needs, let’s talk more about some specific gift ideas.

Help her get ready for her delivery

Giving birth is a big deal (which you probably already know), so anything you can do to make that event more comfortable for her is a sure winner! Consider items that will help her get ready and excited for the big day, which she can also use on the big day. Our beloved Month 9 subscription box is full of little luxuries and labor and delivery essentials for every woman’s labor and delivery experience. Helping prepare and pamper her during labor and delivery is just as important as any other time in her pregnancy journey.

Something for her next chapter

The first few months of postpartum is typically a total blur. Between her physical recovery and adjusting to new life with her new little person it is more than anyone could ever describe. Consider getting her something that can help make her transition to motherhood a little smoother, like high-quality postpartum underwear, a peri bottle or a gel bead eye mask - all items you can find in our premium Rumbly Postpartum Box.

This box also comes highly recommended by our community of rumbly moms - since it's designed for every delivery type and every postpartum experience. It’s a range of some of the best items she not only needs, but which she will totally fall in love with and totally appreciate as she embarks on this next chapter after baby arrives.

Encourage self-care

Generally speaking, as women, we've gotten into a habit of putting self-care low on the list - if at all. This is especially true for pregnant women and new moms, as she adjusts her focus to her baby or baby-to-be. 

That’s why it is more important than ever to gift her a gift that not only makes it easier for her to take care of herself during this major time in her life but one which also helps to remind her that she matters too. Our Month 7 subscription box, in particular, was designed to make her feel extra pampered and extra cared for, during a time when we know she may be needing it most.

In a recent study, we found that nearly three out of four women feel unsupported during pregnancy, and the ripple effect of that feeling is quite significant.

Encouraging her to focus more on taking care of herself in pregnancy will not only help her establish a better foundation for entering motherhood but it will also help encourage her to start building a habit of self-care, which will continue to serve her well after her baby arrives.

Celebrate HER!

Your friend deserves to be celebrated every damn day and should DEFINITELY get some high-fives for all the milestones she hits throughout her pregnancy journey. Trust us, everyone is going to be laser-focused on the baby - including mom-to-be - so getting her a gift that celebrates her, pampers her and supports her is extra important and extra appreciated - wherever she may be in her journey.

A core mission at rumbly is ensuring that we are here for both the woman she is and the mom she's becoming. This is something we noticed that often gets overlooked during her journey to motherhood, which is why in every rumbly box, you will find a range of premium items that also help her remain connected to what has always made her, her.

More, many women feel that pregnancy is just a long list of things they CAN'T do, but we disagree. A subscription from rumbly is a great way to help her see otherwise. 

Our gift to you

We know you want the best for your pregnant bestie (or sister, daughter, etc.), and you might be putting some gift-giving pressure on yourself.

Girl, stop!

Instead of spending hours upon hours scrolling Google, trying to find her the perfect gift (which we know all too well is not easy), let us help take the guesswork out of it for you. All of our boxes are exceptionally curated and designed to help pamper, inspire and elevate every woman’s pregnancy experience while at the same time continuing to support the amazing woman she is.

At rumbly, we've got you...and together, we've got her.

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