What To Get Your Pregnant Wife

What To Get Your Pregnant Wife

Attention all of you supportive partners! We see you out there searching for the perfect gift for your pregnant wife and we are here for it! Literally. It’s our thing - giving pregnant women best-in-class gifts that inspire, elevate and just make pregnancy better!

With the holidays coming up, you might be struggling more than usual over what to get your pregnant wife; and we also know that if you could wave a magic wand, you would probably opt to take away your pregnant partner's nausea, stretch marks, aches, pains and swollen feet. But unfortunately, magic wands aren’t a real thing (at least not yet), so what can you do?

Stress no more - we've got you! Let's go through some things to think about when buying a gift for your pregnant wife. Things that are sure to show her you see her, love her and want to celebrate HER too - as much as possible - on this long, challenging and exciting journey you’re both embarking on.

Supporting Your Pregnant Wife

First, let's flex our empathy muscles and think about what your wife may be feeling throughout her pregnancy time. Whether it's her first, second, third, or seventh pregnancy, every baby, every child and every pregnancy is different. She's going through a range of emotions, sensations and changes to her body.

She's likely struggling with nausea and/or morning sickness, aches and pains, fatigue, swelling limbs and more. Plus, she may be dealing with a range of  anxieties - from becoming a first-time mom or having to do it all again!

Finally, she doesn't get a break from it.  She's pregnant ALL the time. It's a 24/7 experience. Finding little moments to pause, reflect and care for herself can be hard. (And that's without other people adding their well-meaning advice!)

So, when looking for the perfect gift for your pregnant wife, consider what she may be feeling and how you can help her feel more pampered and supported.


She's more than just a pregnant body

Here's the catch-22 of it all. While she's pregnant all the time and gets no break from it, the reality is that she's more than just her growing belly. The passions, aspirations and goals that she had before pregnancy are still very much alive and well.

Sure, things have changed, but that doesn't mean she's any less deserving of nurturing these parts of herself that have helped in forming her identity up until this point. Think about how you can continue to encourage this part of her through your gift-giving.


Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

Here are some ideas (or broad themes) for you to consider when contemplating gifts that you can get for your pregnant wife.

Skin Care

Pregnancy does a number on a woman's skin. What was once smooth and clear is now stretched, dry or spotty. Help ease this transition with some excellent skin care products specifically designed for pregnant women. Look out for natural ingredients that help keep the skin nourished without posing any risks to her or baby. (Note: Each of our rumbly boxes feature a range of premium beauty products that are both risk-free and totally fantastic!)

Gifts to Capture the moment

Remind your pregnant wife that you are there for her and that you recognize and appreciate everything she may be going through. A sentimental gift, like Letters to Baby, which we feature in our Month 4 subscription box (note: it's even something you can fill out together!), is always among our most sought-after and appreciated items, as is our rumbly exclusive felt letterboard (find it in our Modern Mom-To-Be box), which can help her document and memorialize her pregnancy at every step of the way.

The Woman She Is

Like we said before, it's so important to help remind her of the woman she is,  that is, beyond being pregnant. Think of what she enjoyed doing before becoming pregnant and help her make any necessary adjustments to continue doing those things now.

Does she live for girls’ nights? Miss going out for cocktails on a Saturday night? Check out our Month 5 subscription box, wherein we feature SPLASH Premium Cocktail Mixers, one of our favourite mocktail mixers you can get. Does she love to hit the gym? Our rumbly exclusive ankle and wrist weights are also the perfect inspiration to help her stay moving. (also featured in our Month 5 subscription box!)

The important thing here is that you help remind her that she is still the same person she was before becoming pregnant; and that even though this time in her life is major and can be really hard, there are still plenty of ways for her to continue enjoying the many things she has always loved to do.

Win at Gifting with rumbly 

Reduce stress, take a load off and pause that struggle of finding the perfect gift for your pregnant wife when you explore our rumbly subscription and individual gift box options (like our Modern Mom-to-Be box or our popular Postpartum box).  

We have put in countless hours (and years) of research into curating the best gifts and subscription experiences that make every mom-to-be feel extra special, supported and celebrated - every step along the way.

Our boxes are uniquely designed for the woman she is and the mother she is becoming. We are here to help you give her the support she needs and deserves during this special time. So go ahead, show your pregnant wife the love that she deserves this holiday season (or any time of year) with a gift from rumbly! 



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