Third Trimester Pregnancy Self-Care Guide

Third Trimester Self-Care Bingo

Well this is it…the last hurrah until you get to meet your little person in the flesh! 

How are you feeling? 

Excited? Nervous? So tired? 

It's the final countdown! You're almost there, so take a deep breath and try your best to relax. Sure, your life is about to change in ways you never imagined, but that's what makes it all so exciting!

We have your third-trimester Bingo card ready and are excited to share it with you! Just remember, throughout all of it, our goal is that you do your best to still take care of you - at tall times. 

*Not in your third trimester just yet? Check out our first and second trimester bingo cards here!

Rumbly Third Trimester Self-Care Bingo Card


We are so excited for you and know that your little person is going to be just as awesome as you are! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey!

And be sure to let us know over on our rumbly Instagram page - what was your favourite way to indulge yourself during your pregnancy?

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